We recently redesigned our website ….  3 years after the last time!

In honor of OUR celebration, we want to turn that into an opportunity for YOU. In this post, we break down some of the new website changes and how they should create a better experience for you, and offer you an exclusive, ONE-TIME promotion on our three signature programs and services — which could save you up to $7,000!

If you’ve been following our work and are inspired about what’s truly possible for you and your brand, this may is the perfect opportunity to go for it! Our offer expires at 5pm PST Monday, December 12, 2016.

Valid for purchases made between December 8, 2016 and December 12, 2016 only.

If we haven’t met yet, please allow us to introduce ourselves. Or, if we’re already acquainted, let us “re-introduce” ourselves. We LOVE entrepreneurs who play big. We LOVE pictures that inspire. We LOVE design that pushes the envelope with creativity. We LOVE stories that connect people. We LOVE experiences that uplift our lives and spirits. Mix everything together and you get BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, a purpose-driven, creative branding agency that helps emerging entrepreneurs, Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies, and multi million-dollar businesses.


Here’s a brief overview of changes to our site:

  1. Home Page
    Start with our opening video (it’s short, we promise). In one-minute, we share our manifesto, which communicates what we believe and what we stand for. The rest of this page aims to make it easier for you to learn more about our services, portfolio, blog, and team — as well as access to relevant branding resources.
  2. Services Page. How we can help you! This page introduces a few of our signature programs and services — from an evaluation of your current branding, access to our online brand training course, or our signature brand strategy development process.
  3. Portfolio. Want inspiration about what’s truly possible with branding? Are you obsessed with looking at “BEFORE” and “AFTER” images? Check out our portfolio thats shows all the fun and amazing branding transformations we facilitated with our clients. And, watch our new Portfolio video!
  4. The Blog. Everyone knows what a blog is, but it might be a terrible name for such a great part of our online home: it really is our NEWS FOR THE PEOPLE section, where you get weekly branding tips and strategies on a wide range of brand-building topics.
  5. Footer. You know, the thing at the bottom of each page? Well, we reinvented it. We thought it would help you to know a little about how it functions, because it’s more than words. If you haven’t been receiving our weekly NEWS FOR THE PEOPLE emails, here’s where you can sign up. Then, you have 4 quick links for different functions:
    • Read (to jump to recent blog posts)
    • Watch (to see our fun video shorts)
    • About (where you can find us on social media)
    • Schedule a Call (where you hop on a call with a strategist)
  6. Resources
    We love adding value to our community. We also love giving away lots of valuable content and resources (some of it for free). Grab any or all that spark your curiosity, because more is on the way!



Below is a brief description of our three creative branding agency services. As part of our new website celebration, if you decide to purchase one of these services, enter promo code ‘CELEBRATION’ at check out AND enjoy a 50% savings. Note: Valid for purchases made between December 8-12, 2016 only.

Building a brand takes more than reading a book on branding or listening to a speaker on branding. It is an excellent start, but most business owners need a few more instructions. So, we created BRANDED: THE PROGRAM to teach you how to build a brand with over 15 hours of video instruction, a 50-page brand builder’s workbook and online community for Q&A. This program is ideal if you’re just starting out in the branding game and struggle to clearly and consistently articulate who you are and your message, want to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace, are overwhelmed by fonts, colors, logos, and design; are ashamed by an dated or inconsistent brand; or, want to learn how to create a consistent, cohesive brand.

Have you ever wondered what people think of your logo, website or marketing materials? Or, have you ever gotten the wrong kind of feedback when showing off your brand? Here’s the deal: The best way to get productive, insightful, and actionable feedback on your brand is by having a brand strategist do the evaluation. We created the 7-POINT BRAND AUDIT to do just that.  A 7-POINT BRAND AUDIT allows you to know where you stand, and what you need to work on to build your market-leading brand.

Our signature BRANDING INTENSIVE is the best brand-building experience you never heard of. We designed every aspect of it with you in mind. We even created the experience based on how we would want to go through the branding process. After years of carefully listening to thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners, we created the BRANDING INTENSIVE, a collaborative and strategic work session designed to create your BRAND PLATFORM, using our proven brand-building methodology. After all, that’s what you really want and need anyway. You want to have trained professionals helping to create your brand.