Amateur branding is for amateur businesses.

Branding isn’t rocket science. It’s an art and science.

Branding is both an art (design, colors, graphics, imagery, fonts) and science (psychology, sociology, cognitive linguistics). While it’s common to think you can just do-it-yourself, the businesses who get it right inevitably hire a branding partner to help them uncover and distill that which they’re not able to see for themselves. We believe effective brand-building happens when you do things in the right sequence. Follow our proven process and save yourself from wasting energy, hours and marketing dollars.

Phase 01
Brand Strategy

You have a Business Strategy. You have a Marketing Strategy. But what sits in between both is a Brand Strategy. Skipping ahead to marketing before defining your brand is the most common mistake entrepreneurs and small-to-midsize businesses make. We believe the first step to creating or elevating your brand is having a clearly defined Brand Strategy.

Phase 02
Brand Identity

The second step to building a strong brand is to create a Brand Identity. More than just a logo, a Brand Identity is comprised of two components: a Visual Identity (i.e., logo, color palette, typography style, photography style, graphic elements) and a Verbal Identity (i.e., style, tone, manner, voice). Then, we deliver a set of 25-35 page Brand Guidelines, enabling you and your team to look, act and speak consistently across all marketing channels.

Phase 03
Brand Marketing

Now that you have a Brand Strategy and a Brand Identity, the third step is to express your brand in marketing to influence the right people, generate more leads, monetize your services and products, and position your brand as the go-to in the industry. We work on a retainer or hourly basis to implement your brand — from websites, marketing collateral, tradeshow materials, presentation graphics, product packaging, or compelling Brand Videos.

Ready for branding?

Don’t just play the game— change it.

The brands who obsess on their competitors are short-sighted. It’s not enough to compete by just playing the game. It’s about changing the game altogether. It’s about digging deeper and building a brand that is genuine, unique and relevant. Create a brand people love and everything else will follow.