We take a strategic and creative approach to helping you build a brand from Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Messaging, Brand Story Development, Personal Branding, or Brand Marketing.

  • Brand Strategy

    Brand Positioning

    Following an in-depth analysis of your industry, business objectives, target audiences, and competitive landscape, we will conduct a series of strategy sessions to define your brand, clarify your unique positioning, articulate your value propositions, and map your “go-to-market” strategy for attracting more of your ideal clients into your ecosystem.

  • Visual Identity

    Visual Identity

    Guided by our award-winning creative team, we will develop your brand’s logo, as the centerpiece for your visual system. Then, we will build a visual language, to include colors, fonts, photography style, and graphic elements, that will disrupt the market and capture the attention of your ideal target clients.

  • Naming


    Naming a company is an art all unto itself. That’s why we take a strategic and creative approach brainstorming new names for your company brand. Let our team collaborate with you to brainstorm, identify, and shortlist a set of 5-7 new company names that aligns with your brand.

  • Brand Story

    Brand Story

    Facilitated by our expert copywriting team, we will collaborate with you to pull out your unique Brand Story (aka “Manifesto”). Your Brand Story will be “written-for-impact” so that your potential clients and community emotionally connect with you and the “why” behind your brand.

  • Messaging and copy

    Messaging and Copy

    First, we will identify, prioritize, and develop “conversion-oriented” on-brand messaging. Second, we will develop Brand Voice definitions and guidelines. And finally, we will leverage your messaging and Brand Voice to write (or refresh) your website copy..

  • Custom Marketing Website

    Custom Website

    Based on your marketing website’s goals, we will define your site’s UI/UX, wireframes, and site map. Then, we will apply copy and design elements to the wireframes and key landing pages. Finally, we will code and test your site to ensure optimal load speed and user displays.

  • Personal Branding

    Personal Branding

    For CEOs, founders, change-makers, or industry influencers, we will develop your Personal Brand strategy, messaging, Visual Identity, and website to expand your audience reach, amplify your message, and generate leads for your service-based or speaking business.

  • Social Media Management

    Social Media Management

    Allow our team to curate your content, design social media assets, and post 12-24 unique posts each month on your primary social media channels. We will also conduct keyword research and develop an editorial calendar to keep your social media presence active.

  • Marketing Management

    Marketing Management

    Our marketing experts and dedicated team will strategize and manage all of your marketing initiatives, such as marketing automations, email campaigns, paid ads, SEO, and/or lead generation/ prospecting to support your team in acquiring more qualified leads.

  • Consulting Mentoring

    Bullseye Branding

    Re Perez will work directly with you to take your brand to the next level, create your high-ticket offers, and install a proven selling system that attracts (and closes) your ideal, high-paying clients. In addition, you will be part of an Elite Network of other high-performing CEOs, Founders, and Personal Brands to share insider secrets, exchange deals, and provide ongoing support. By interview and application only.

Our Approach

The Brand

There’s a science to how we create and manage brands. First, we organize; we gather everything we can glean about your business, your audience, what you offer, and who you want to reach. Next, we simplify; we take everything we’ve learned and boil it down to its most essential parts to help determine how best to position your brand. Finally, we Amplify; we transform your strategy into a world-class Brand Identity to help you market your brand to the right people.


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