We’re a branding agency that creates and manages innovative, disruptive, and world-class brands.

Since 2010, we’ve helped thousands of small-to-midsize businesses, funded startups, and influential Personal Brands make more money and increase their impact with our proprietary, strategic brand-building method.

Straight From Our Clients – Straight From Our Clients – Straight From Our Clients


What We Do

We leverage our proprietary and strategic branding process to help you from Positioning, Naming, Visual Identity, website builds, and ongoing marketing support. All to help you create a world-class brand that creates impact at every touchpoint.

Brand Platform

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Purpose
  • Messaging
  • Brand Architecture
  • Naming

Brand Identity

  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Suite
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Guidelines

Brand Website

  • UI/UX Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
  • Website Programming
  • Hosting & Maintenance
Our proprietary method

The Branding For The People Method

There’s a science to how we create and manage brands. First, we ‘Organize’; we gather everything we can glean about your business, your audience, what you offer, and who you want to reach. Next, we ‘Simplify’; we take everything we’ve learned and boil it down to its most essential parts to help determine how best to position your brand. Finally, we ‘Amplify’; we transform your strategy into a world-class brand across all media channel to help you grow your business and accelerate your growth.

Brand Strategy Signature Process

Who We
Work With

Midsize Company

Your company is generating $20mil to $200mil in annual revenue. You’re scaling your business, and you need a scalable turnkey solution with dedicated, outsourced resources to manage and drive all branding and marketing initiatives.

Small Business

You’re generating $500k to $20mil in annual revenue. While you’ve achieved traction in the marketplace, your brand is preventing you from reaching that next level of business growth.


You’re a funded start-up with the financial means to truly invest in branding. Perhaps, you’ve built and sold businesses in the past. In either scenario, you understand the value of building a brand straight out of the gate.

Award-Winning Branding Agency – Award-Winning Branding Agency – Award-Winning Branding Agency

Branding For The People has been recognized for excellence in branding and received GDUSA Health & Wellness Design Awards for Packaging, GDUSA Cannabis Industry Awards for Brand Identity, and a GDUSA Health & Wellness Design Award for Brand Identity. In addition, we were named one of 2021’s Best Branding Agencies in Austin by The Expertise, and recipient of the John C. Maxwell Award for Leadership.

  • GDUSA Branding Award Health and Wellness
  • GDUSA Branding Award Cannabis
  • GDUSA Branding Award Health and Wellness
  • American Web Design Awards
  • Best Branding Agencies In Austin