Since launching our new brand last week, we’ve been flooded with questions as to why we rebranded. So, I felt it was appropriate to give you a little insight into why. We have 5 simple reasons.

01. We changed our business strategy.

When your business model or business strategy changes, your brand needs to get rebranded along with it. For example, if your business strategy is to target high-end clients, but your brand appeals to a mass-market audience, you need to get rebranded. Or, the opposite. If you’re targeting a mass-market audience, but your brand looks too high-end, premium or sophisticated, your brand needs to change.

02. We changed our Brand Vision.

When your vision changes, your brand needs to match up to that vision. Truthfully, the Brand Vision that was created almost 10 years ago is no longer relevant or applicable to our target clients and customers.

When you visit our website, you’ll notice a core message that says: “Create a brand people love.” This statement is more than a tagline. It’s a vision we see for the clients we choose to work with.

In the past, we talked about your brand making you more money, increasing your influence or reach, or being creative, innovative or disruptive.

We still want ALL of those things when you go through the branding process, but we believe that when you create a brand that people LOVE, everything else will follow.

  • You attract the right people into your business.
  • You build a community of raving fans not just a database of one-time buyers.
  • You create ease and flow of people who genuinely want to follow, recommend, and buy from you.

03. We were bored with our Visual Identity.

Well, there was a bit more strategic thought that went into the look and feel of our new brand. But, besides being bored with it, we felt the visuals were becoming dated, dark and heavy. For our fellow designers and creatives who also geek out on design technicalities, we felt that the old fonts were just too fat and heavy. Metaphorically, in the last 11 months, we trimmed the “fat” in our company.

We started to focus on efficiency and efficacy.

We focused on going deeper with our ideal clients, as opposed to going wider with just anyone and everyone.

We wanted to have true, meaningful relationships with the people we LOVE to work together, and repel those clients who weren’t truly committed to growing a business or brand — or who were simply not a match for us to collaborate with.

Enter Helvetica Bold, our new font! She’s slender and slimmer, and timeless. In case you were wondering, Helvetica is one of the most widely used fonts around the world. Check out this documentary called Helvetica.

04. We wanted to be perceived as more than just a branding “agency.”

The term “agency” was limiting for us because the reality is we do so much more than just agency work. In practice, we act as branding partners with our clients. In the context of a partnership, we provide ‘agency-type’ services, but also strategic counsel, consulting services, brand workshops, brand training programs… and even friendship.

05. Technical reasons.

Finally, there were a couple of technical reasons for the rebrand. For example, our website was created a few years ago without a “mobile-first” mindset. Given the increasing trend of people viewing websites on mobile, we needed to address this. What better time to do so than while you getting rebranded. While “mobile-first” isn’t a new topic, we made the mistake in the past to ignore this need. Alas, we finally addressed it!

There you have it! In a nutshell, we weren’t IN LOVE with our old brand anymore. Sometimes, you just need to fall in love with your brand all over again. And, other times, you simply just need to rebrand, so you can fall in love with a new brand.

It’s why we believe in creating brands people (including you and your team) love!

Welcome to the new Branding For The People.

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