Self-study Program

A self-study program that features 14 DVDs of content and teachings from our signature 3-day branding event. The program includes a downloadable workbook and a complimentary 15-minute laser consultation call upon completion of all DVDs. It’s the perfect resource to discover how branding can help you make more money.
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3-Day Workshops

Apply for our upcoming 3-day BRANDING INTENSIVE workshop, an exclusive creative and strategic experience designed to help up to 10 entrepreneurs create game-changing brands. Interviews and applications are required. Limited Seating is available. Our program is ideal for entrepreneurs under $1M in annual gross revenue.
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Private Consulting

We offer custom branding programs that take a strategic and comprehensive approach in defining the next 3-5 year trajectory for your business and brand. Includes Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Messaging, and Visual Identity. Ideal for funded start-ups or small businesses with a minimum of $1M in annual gross revenue.
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Clarifying your vision for success


“Working with Re Perez has been one of the best business investments I’ve ever made. I went from blending in with everyone else to instantly being positioned as the sought-after thought leader within my industry. In my first month with my fresh new brand, I have already raised my prices and have increased my online conversion numbers. If you want to crush your competition, then hire Re. There’s no other person or company like him.”

Nick Unsworth, CEO of Life on Fire

“Re I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for setting me straight on my branding. To date, it was one of the best things that I’ve done for my business. I was starting to get embarrassed about my website. Now, I have an amazing website and, most of all, a very structured internal plan that has made my messaging and look very clear to the world. Amazingly, you branding me helped me make more many and know what choices I should be making based on what my company stands for. Thanks, my friend. I think all my clients should choose you to brand with!”

Shanda Sumpter, CEO, HeartCore Business

“Re Perez is a true professional and class act. He has an extraordinary vision to help differentiate you, your company, as well as take your business to an entirely new level. We chose Re because of their proven track record of success. Our new brand is truly a game-changer! It feels rich and meaningful. If you’re looking to set yourself apart from the pack and truly be showcased as a Visionary Leader and “Fortune 500? style company, then I highly recommend Re Perez and BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE.”

Maria Andros, Business and Marketing Strategist

“Before I met Re Perez, I was in website and branding shame. My business had hit the million-dollar mark and we were really fortunate to have great marketing to do well in business, but our branding was holding us back. I knew immediately I wanted to work with Re. He has this energy, excitement and intellect that just allows you to be confident. He gets people. He gets companies. He gets what people are trying to do and he understands how to put together everything from the aesthetics to the words that will draw ideal clients into your business. He created an amazing brand which totally represents me, my values and my ideals, and the feeling and energy that I want people to get when they’re coming to find out about my company. When he did our branding, everything changed. To this day, we use all of the branding he did with us and I tell people all the time that one of the single reasons that we went from a million dollars to three million, to making the Inc. 500 list two years in a row, and to growing our business with new verticals is because of Re Perez.”

Suzanne Evans, Suzanne Evans Coaching

Our Principles

At our branding agency, we believe every brand should be guided by a set of principles that govern the culture and behaviors of the company. Our 5 Brand Principles are an integral part of how we operate internally. More importantly, they keep us focused on raising the bar and delivering quality work for our clients.

Setting the bar high is the ultimate goal of any business or of anything in life. Being able to follow these allows us to set the bar high in everything we do. Aligning yourself with these principles? Come work with us!




IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO SIMPLY BE A BRAND – Not if you want to stand out as an authority. Not if you want to attract ideal clients — or charge the full value for your services. Not if your goal is to be admired and respected and if your life’s purpose is to create a legacy.


Something beyond a well-designed logo, a catchy name or a well-crafted mission statement. Looking beyond what’s right in front of you. Looking outside of the fishbowl for ideas. It’s about daring yourself to be different. It’s about leadership. It’s about inspiring others to have the courage to follow your lead.


Do you want to play BIG, or do you want to play small? Would you rather be known as a knock-off, or do you want to be unique? The choice of course, is yours. You could simply be another player in the game that everyone else is playing, a commodity to be traded for pennies on the dollar. We believe if you want to move faster, while making a significant impact, it’s not enough to just play the game.


This means not only changing the rules, but creating your own. Being innovative. Thinking outside of the box. Challenging yourself to test out something new. Giving yourself permission to fail.



"If you want to crush your competition, then hire Re. There’s no other person or company like him."

− Nick Unsworth, CEO of Life on Fire

"To differentiate your company and give it a 'Fortune 500' feel, choose BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE"

− Maria Andros, Business and Marketing Strategist

"Before I met Re Perez I was in branding shame. Afterward, we went from one million dollars to three almost singly because of BFTP."

− Suzanne Evans, Suzanne Evans Coaching

"Thank you for setting me straight. Now, I have a very structured internal plan that makes my messaging clear to the world. I think all my clients should choose BFTP!"

− Shanda Sumpter, CEO, HeartCore Business
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