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We are a brand consulting firm and creative agency that helps entrepreneurs create game-changing brands. Through our strategic consulting, creative services and signature branding events, we help our clients increase sales, create leadership status and build a legacy that makes a difference for people.


In today’s market,
it’s not enough to simply be a brand.

Not if you want to stand out as an authority.

Not if you want to attract ideal clients — or charge the full value for your services.

Not if your goal is to be admired and respected.

And, certainly not if your life’s purpose is to create a legacy.


It takes something more.

Something beyond a well-designed logo, a catchy name or a well-crafted mission statement.

It takes courage. Confidence.

Looking beyond what’s right in front of you.

Looking outside of the fishbowl for ideas.

It’s about daring yourself to be different.

It’s about leadership.

It’s about inspiring others to have the courage to follow your lead.

Ask yourself this:

Do you want to play big? Or play small?

Would you rather be known as a knock-off of what someone else is already doing? Or do you want to be unique?

The choice of course, is yours.

You could just be another player in the game that everyone else is playing.

We believe if you want to move faster, while making a significant impact, it’s not enough to just play the game.

It’s about changing the game altogether.


And this means not only changing the rules, but creating your own.

Being innovative. Thinking outside of the box.

Challenging yourself to test out something new.

Giving yourself permission to fail.



Branding is one of the hottest topics in the business world.

It’s also the most misunderstood. Most small businesses know they need a strong brand. The problem is that most are unable to define just what a brand is AND how to go about creating and building their brand.


Is it a logo?

Is it your message?

Is it your company name?

Is it marketing?

Is it design?

Is it your personal style?

All of these elements are part of what makes up your brand. But the truth is that these elements are just a fraction of what constitutes a brand.

Branding can help you:

  • Position you as a leader in your field
  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Increase your sales conversions
  • Raise your rates
  • Command premium pricing
  • Create leverage in your business
  • Differentiate you in the marketplace
  • Expand into new business verticals

The truth is branding isn’t made up of any one thing. Branding is not a checklist.

Branding is NOT marketing.


There’s no arguing that all successful businesses need strong marketing. And we’ll be the first to admit that there are many businesses and entrepreneurs who have mastered marketing as a way to attract clients and grow their businesses. But what many don’t understand is that great marketing built on a lousy brand is one of the fastest ways to hurt your earning potential.

Branding is about being able to take a step back and think about all of your brand touchpoints and the cumulative experience your business creates with your audience.

It’s about the perception that is created out of everything you do. This is precisely why branding remains so misunderstood.

The reality is that the perception that your brand creates has a direct impact on the money your business makes. It affects the type of clients you attract and the amount of money you can charge.

When you get this, you can begin going down the road towards creating a brand that not only inspires you, but inspires your ideal clients, customers and followers.

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Re Perez

Chief Brand Strategist

Re is a visionary, brand consultant, speaker and founder of BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, a leading branding agency for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Re helps his clients create game-changing brands, enabling them to increase revenue, make a bigger impact, and create a legacy. His background includes senior-level brand consulting positions at top global branding firms, with experience consulting to Fortune 500 global brands such as: AT&T, Abbott, GE Money, Lilly, Motorola, Nielsen Company, TD Ameritrade and Xerox.


Since launching BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE in January 2011, Re has been on the fast-track to success and has rebranded some of the most successful entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries, including Suzanne Evans, Pamela Bruner, Christine Kane, Maria Andros, Bari Baumgardner, Debi Berndt, Barb Wade, Shanda Sumpter, Monica Shah and Nick Unsworth (to name a few).

Client Experience

*Experienced gained by Re Perez while working at Interbrand, Siegel+Gale, Reputation Institute, and TMP Worldwide.






Our Success Is Our Client’s Success






Before I met Re Perez, I was in website and branding shame. My business had hit the million-dollar mark and we were really fortunate to have great marketing to do well in business, but our branding was holding us back. I knew immediately I wanted to work with Re. He has this energy, excitement and intellect that just allows you to be confident. He gets people. He gets companies. He gets what people are trying to do and he understands how to put together everything from the aesthetics to the words that will draw ideal clients into your business. He created an amazing brand which totally represents me, my values and my ideals, and the feeling and energy that I want people to get when they’re coming to find out about my company. When he did our branding, everything changed. To this day, we use all of the branding he did with us and I tell people all the time that one of the single reasons that we went from a million dollars to three million, to making the Inc. 500 list two years in a row, and to growing our business with new verticals is because of Re.






“Re Perez is a true professional and class act. He has an extraordinary vision to help differentiate you, your company, as well as take your business to an entirely new level. We chose Re because of their proven track record of success. Our new brand is truly a game-changer! It feels rich and meaningful. If you’re looking to set yourself apart from the pack and truly be showcased as a Visionary Leader and “Fortune 500″ style company, then I highly recommend Re Perez and BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE.”






“I have long been an admirer of Re Perez’s work, so I was super excited to jumpstart a long-awaited overhaul of our brand. Not only did we get a beautiful, live-able, and breathable brand that feels totally on point for our vision for our expanding company, but we got crystal clear on how to articulate our messaging to our team behind the scenes, as well as to our clients and prospective clients on the front lines. Re and his team at BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE really took the time to understand our company, our culture, our past and our future. Re Perez’s branding exercises gave us renewed clarity on our position in the market and the mechanics of making our brand more than just a great logo.”






“Working with Re Perez has been one of the best business investments I’ve ever made. I went from blending in with everyone else to instantly being positioned as the sought after thought leader within my industry. In my first month with my fresh new brand, I have already raised my prices and have increased my online conversion numbers. If you want to crush your competition, then hire re. There’s no other person or company like him.”






“Re’s work with Uplevel You spanned months, from a VIP Branding Day in New York to really get to know us all the way through to the implementation of the new branding.  His creative ideas were top notch and the final product looks great!”






When I came to BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, my branding was all over the place. It was actually amazing that I had such a successful company with what looked like an outdated and inconsistent website, business card, etc. I knew I could achieve so much more if my brand was strong, beautifully designed, and created a feeling with anyone who interacted with it and that was congruent with my point of view and what I deliver for clients. Well, I had no idea what was in store for me working with Re Perez. First, it was incredible what went into the planning and decision making before we ever talked about design, logo, colors, etc. (all those things I thought that branding was). Instead, we started by defining my overarching brand idea, the brand values, brand attributes, and a whole lot more about who I AM and what my brand stands for. This helped me solidify my own understanding of my place in the market. And then, it goes without saying that Re Perez and his team developed an exquisite visual brand identity that knocked my socks off. It’s so professional, powerful, eye-catching, and truly beautiful. As a result, more clients are flocking to me unsolicited, and I’ve been able to raise my prices by 50% without so much as a single ‘eye blink’. Everyone is saying YES”






“When I was ready to take my business to a new level, I knew that I needed to work with Re Perez.  I’d known Re for a few years, and I’d seen how his work with other business owners had enabled them to uplevel significantly from a deeper understanding of their brand. Working with Re pushed me to think more deeply about myself, my services, my people, and the impression I want to make with my brand and my business. I have direction, clarity, imaging, and a new understanding of how to present myself in the marketplace that feels aligned with who I am and what I offer. Re is truly an expert and a gift to small business owners by providing us with the expertise usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies.”






“My experience with Re Perez and BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE was life changing. We were struggling to stand out in the crowded digital marketing space. I spent a day with Re going through our company and our vision. His brilliance developed a brand theme that was immediately incorporated into our story and has helped us win more clients than we have ever won before. We had our best new business month ever, closing $190,000 during the first full month we were using our new brand. It is by far the most immediately impactful investment I have ever made in my business.”






“Working with BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE was eye opening on so many levels. Re Perez came up with a Brand Idea that was so perfect and aligned. It was as though he knew our company from day one. We even used our Brand Idea in a sales conversation and closed a new member into our year-long mastermind program. His work was exactly what I needed and the investment has paid itself back 10 fold already! We always say that the cash is in the clarity. Re brings both clarity and cash.”






“Re Perez knows his stuff! He walked us through determining both the look and feel we were wanting to emerge from our brand to help us take our business to the next level. He was very organized and clear, keeping us focused on moving our brand to match the level we are at and beyond.”






“The process that BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE took us through is priceless. Although we love the new look and identity that people see externally, the real gold is what people can’t see — a strong brand philosophy. In the over-crowded dating & love marketplace, you gave us a brand that demonstrates the high-quality of our work and allows our company to break away from the pack and become a leader in the field.”






“Following the branding process, I was able to get clear on the intangibles of my business, which gave me access to tangible results. I feel like the book of my business has been re-written.”


Amy Jo




“Re Perez is beyond supportive and really sees the big picture of where I’m going, what I can do, and how to make it better. He sees the horizon. I felt like he was my champion pushing me to get up that mountain!”


Kavita J.




“Before my time with Re Perez, I felt I was on the right track. I have been hitting all my goals. This year alone money wise I have made in 5 months what I made all of last year. I feel fulfilled in helping more and more single women find love and keep it. Yet, I felt like I had this entire process and what I stand for in my head, and it felt like it didn’t always translate over via my brand and to my customers in a simple hard hitting way. After my day with Re, I was blown away. Seriously. He explained what a brand is and he took everything that was in my head and how potential customers see my brand and we came up with my own unique positioning in the marketplace. I left my time with Re, feeling really clear on what makes me different and tools to solidify my brand and have it all feel cohesive. This definitely wasn’t something I could have come up with by myself. My new brand is going to catapult me into multiple 6-figures faster than where I was before. Re is super intuitive and worth more than what I paid for!”






“I did not have a clear direction on how to build my business and brand — from strategy, marketing and planning. Prior to working with BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, I had all the different aspects of building a brand in my head, but felt I was trying to say I did everything. I was not sure where to focus or if I really wanted to do all of those things I was saying to people. What impressed me the most about working with the team is their expertise in both the world of branding AND entrepreneurship. I felt I had an expert partner giving me advice on many levels. I was also impressed with how quickly they got in my head around my business to extract the nuggets of my own self-expression and brand personality. Their contribution and intelligence in strategy, mapping and brainstorming had tremendous value. Also, information was delivered in understandable, easy-to-apply language. I was able to crystallize my elevator pitch into one sentence, inspiring me and everyone I share it with. In five months, I generated 27 proposals and booked 17 events. I now have a thriving practice and a team of event planners. Not only does Re Perez put your thoughts into a framework, but he is uniquely talented in being able to forecast the strategic direction for your brand. Working with BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE and Re Perez enabled us to reposition our company into exactly where we wanted to go by adding several layers to our business.”






“The branding you have done for me has made all the difference to the effectiveness of how I operate with my customers and my support people – everyone from models to graphic designers to customers. My business has a consistent and cohesive message that communicates exactly what it needs to for a customer to really feel comfortable reaching out initially to me. I am ecstatic to report that my business has quadrupled since the new site started to be found online. I now have a close rate of 99% vs. 33%.”






Our brand consulting time with Re Perez has proven to be the best initial investment we could have made when Lloyd and I combined our architectural practices. Spending time defining, succinctly, who we are and what we have to say was valuable time well-spent. Re is talented at uncovering what we already knew about ourselves, as well as giving us the tools to express that to the world. After our consulting day, we had a complete action plan on new target markets to go after and the specific actions to take to grow the business. Within six month, we landed several projects in completely new areas of the market, which is something that I’ve been trying to accomplish unsuccessfully on my own for 8 years. In just 17 months after our VIP Brand Strategy Day, we have a staff of seven people, signed two institutional clients (and have leads on more), have become a leader in designing cutting-edge fitness company workout spaces, and we are finally making some money along the way. The DesBrisay & Smith brand grows and becomes more alive on its own every day. We write RFP cover letters quickly, fully confident of who we are in the world and what we offer people that will rock their world.






As entrepreneurs, we truly believe that luck does not exist, it is simply, being prepared to meet opportunity. We knew that we were ready to bring our business to a complete different level, for something bigger than us and what its expected for our industry in the cleaning services business. We made the decision to RE-BRAND with Re even though we didn’t know how it was going to look. We trusted his professionalism, his heart but most importantly his Vision. From the moment we made the decision, we are not the same. We had closed more sales than in the last 2 years that we have been in business. In the last 3 months, we closed $25,000.00 in sales, and we’re not even done with the branding process! We feel very blessed. Thank you for your coaching and for raising the bar. We would not have left our comfort zone without your help.






“Within a few months, after hiring Re Perez , I knew a LOT more about myself, my product, and my company. With re’s guidance,  I was able to translate all of that new information into a new visual language that communicated everything I loved about my company and elicited that same sentiment from my customers.”



Live Events

We believe the best way to learn branding is to experience it in action. Whether it’s our signature 1-day or 3-day branding event, we create a unique experience for ambitious and highly committed entrepreneurs who know they need branding to make more money, position themselves as a leader, and make a meaningful impact in the world.



Grab one of our complimentary tickets! Join us in Las Vegas, NV on April 24-27, 2014, where Re Perez will speak on branding at Suzanne Evans’ Be The Change Event, an outrageous combination of education, information, and entertainment. In just four short years, Be the Change Event exploded onto the scene. Growing into one of the most dynamic, powerful events for business owners who are committed to create unprecedented profits. As a sponsor, we have a limited number of complimentary tickets. Use our link below and grab a complimentary ticket. Hurry, before we run out of tickets.


Our Services


BRANDED: THE PROGRAM is a do-it-yourself, self-study program that features all the content and teachings from our recent 3-day branding event. The program includes the complete DVD set, a downloadable workbook that walks you through how to create a game-changing brand. It’s the perfect resource for you to expand your knowledge about brands and brand-building.



To work with Re Perez and his team to brand your company, we offer customized Branding Packages that cater to your specific needs and objectives. The scope of services may include a complete rebrand, a brand refresh, or a strategic analysis of your existing brand(s). Schedule a complimentary consultation using the link below.




Inspiration For The People

Top 10 Branding Best Practices For Small Businesses





You may be aware of the power of brands like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Target, Apple and Tiffany. While there’s a lot you can learn from big brands, there’s also a lot you can learn from brands from entrepreneurs just like you and me. In this coffee table-inspired book, BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE is proud to offer our first hardcover book (while supplies last) that uses real-life client examples to illustrate “Top 10 Branding Best Practices for Small Businesses.”