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When it comes to branding and authenticity, there’s no one I know who exudes more brilliance in both than Re Perez.

— Ryan Deiss | Co-founder of Digital Marketer

Branded: the Program.

BRANDED: THE PROGRAM is the virtual translation of BRANDED: THE EVENT

Branding For The People’s in-person branding event hosted by CEO and Fortune 500 brand building expert Re Perez.

This event was captured in video to give you the knowledge and tools, right from your own home, so that you can get started building your own game-changing brand. This program delivers 15 hours of video content. Here’s an overview of what you will learn:

  • How To Identify Your Target Audiences
  • Basic Color Theory
  • How To Create A Messaging Platform
  • 5 Principles To Create A Game-changing Brand
  • How To Generate Fresh, Creative Ideas
  • Branding Vs. Marketing
  • Top 7 Branding Benefits
  • The 6 Types Of Naming Approaches
  • The 6 Types Of Taglines
  • The Branding Process
  • How To Create A Customer Experience
  • Discovering Your Purpose (Featuring Matthew Goldfarb)
  • Video Marketing Strategies (Featuring Maria Andros)
  • Integrated Marketing (Featuring Infusionsoft)
  • And Much, Much More…

While there’s nothing like attending an in-person branding event, BRANDED: THE PROGRAM is the next best solution to create a game-changing brand.
Why wait to start building the brand you have always wanted.