Free Branding Essentials

If you’re new to branding or want to get a deeper understanding of branding fundamentals, we’ve created a series of free and paid branding essential guides. From recognizing the 5 big branding mistakes most small businesses make to creating your branding blueprint, we’ve got you covered.

The Branding Blueprint

The 7 Components of a Great Brand.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “What is a brand?” It’s a great question. Is it a logo? A color-scheme? Is it the words you say or the photos you use? It’s all of the above, and yet none of them singularly. This blueprint explains 7 components of a great brand that must all work harmoniously together to attract your ideal customers.

The Naming Guide

7 Steps to a New Name.

Before embarking on the naming process, you must get familiar with the various types of names, what’s important in a great name, and the step-by-step brainstorming process to discover the best names for your brand — whether you’re naming a company, product or service.

The Brand Archetype Guide

20 Personas to Inspire Your Brand.

One of the most powerful ways to differentiate your brand in a competitive marketplace is to infuse personality in every interaction. Use this guide to identify your Brand Archetype(s). Then, share them with your creative team to inspire and elevate both the visual and verbal expressions of your brand.

Are You Making These 5 Branding Mistakes? Orange Booklet
The Top 5 Big Branding Mistakes.

The profit principles of Fortune 500 brands.

Branding is one of the most essential and powerful tools you can use to attract ideal customers, create raving fans, and expand your business to an entirely new level. This guide will teach you how to leverage the principles of Fortune 500 brands to help propel your own business.

Let your color personality shine
Let Your Color Personality Shine

A guide to Choosing Colors for Your Brand.

Colors can provide a visual tone for your brand… that “look and feel” you want to express visually. When anywhere from 62 to 90% of a target audience’s decision is based upon color alone, there’s significance to selecting colors based upon the perception you want to create.


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The Brand Story Framework will teach you the secret to writing a
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Ryan Deiss
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In Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even If You’re Not), Re Perez–seasoned Brand Strategist, keynote speaker, author, CEO and founder of Branding For The People, uses real-life case studies and behind-the-scenes stories to challenge your understanding of branding, demonstrate the transformational impact of authentic brands, and share his proven branding process that has helped his clients shift from unknown to celebrity-like status. Pre-revenue to multi-millionaire. Ashamed to proud. Outdated to cutting-edge. And, embarrassingly inauthentic to courageously authentic both in life and in business.