Revolutionizing the gaming industry with software designed by operators for operators.


OPTX is an enterprise software solution aimed at enhancing businesses in the gaming and hospitality industry. With a focus on creating user-friendly software for gaming operators (created by operators for operators), they custom-tailor their solutions to match their clientele’ particular needs.

Backed by extensive years of operator experience, startup OPTX knew that branding would be their competitive advantage (even before actual software development) amongst the dated, confusing, non-user-friendly competitive counterparts. Starting with just a name and an idea, they engaged Branding For The People to help develop their entire brand from the ground up, from the initial Brand Strategy to the development of a new website and awareness campaign.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • UI/UX Strategy
  • Website Design
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Branding Case Study OPTX Logo Design
Branding Case Study OPTX GRM iPhone
Branding Case Study OPTX Typography
Branding Case Study OPTX Icons
Branding Case Study OPTX GRM
Branding Case Study OPTX Laptop
Branding Case Study OPTX GRM Dark Mode
Branding Case Study OPTX Mobile Website Design
Branding Case Study OPTX Website Design


“We started working on the brand before we started working on the software development. The brand helped us get clarity on what we stand for and what we want our customers to feel and experience when they engage with our product. This allowed us to embed all the emotional aspects into our brand experience from day one. It allowed us to create consistency from the get-go without feeling like a brand idea was tacked on at the end”

- Brooke Fiumara, COO, OPTX


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