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We believe a business is just a business…until it becomes a brand. We are former Fortune 500 brand consultants who leverage our strategic and creative backgrounds to build brands for businesses in the Coaching, Consulting, and Professional Services industries.

Our Founder

our Founder
Re Perez, CEO and Founder

Re (pronounced “Ree” ) is a former Fortune 500 Brand Consultant turned Investor, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and CEO of Branding For The People, the leading branding agency for 7 & 8 figure companies in the Coaching, Consulting, and Professional Services industries. Re is also the author of Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even If You’re Not): The Art and Science of Creating an Authentic Brand.

Re’s storied career includes senior-level positions at top global branding firms, including BrandLink, Interbrand, Reputation Management Institute, Siegel+Gale, and TMP Worldwide, where he gained invaluable experience consulting to AREVA, Abbott Nutrition, Amersham Biosciences, GE Money, Lilly, Nalco, Novo Nordisk, Nielsen Company, TD Ameritrade, and Xerox.

As a speaker, Re electrifies every audience and brings forward-thinking insights, actionable content, and practical tips for every business owner and marketing team. His speaking portfolio includes major entrepreneurial conferences including: Baby Bathwater, CADRECon, EO’s Global Leadership Conference, Infusionsoft’s ICON and PartnerCon, SellerCon, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Ontrapalooza, Social Media Week Austin, and Thrive: Make Money Matter (to name a few). He has been interviewed on several entrepreneurial Podcasts and is a faculty teacher for Growth Institute.

Re holds a degree in Organizational Behavior & Communications from New York University. He has lived in Florida, New York City, Dubai, and San Diego, but currently resides in Austin, TX.

our Founder

Senior Leadership Team

  • Michelle Peake

    Michelle Peake

    VP of Client Services

    A veteran in the field of web development, Michelle has over 18+ years of experience spearheading the production of innovative websites and web-based applications for a wide range of industries, both in the domestic and international arenas. Michelle brings the necessary problem-solving skills and risk management perspective to the team that is essential for building award-winning digital solutions. Prescribing to a philosophy that there are no limits, Michelle approaches all aspects of her life with an open mind and an appetite to learn more.

    Michelle brings a sense of adventure and appetite for life to the world of the web. Fascinated by technology’s ability to empower people to live life to the fullest and the Internet’s capacity to connect people from around the world, Michelle is continuously looking for new and innovative ways to share information and streamline communication.

    Michelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology and Information Technology and a Master’s degree in International Relations.

  • Cindy Reyes

    Cindy Reyes

    Creative Director

    In 2012, Cindy graduated at the top of her class from San Diego State University where she majored in Graphic Design.

    For the past 7 years, Cindy’s expertise in branding has made her a valuable asset to the company and clients alike. Cindy has branded 60+ companies and counting, her designs have won the agency awards 4 years in a row. To Cindy, the most rewarding aspect of being a Creative Director is seeing the visual identities that she’s created come to life.

    In her spare time, when not silently judging your choice of font, you can find Cindy at Disneyland (her home away from home.) When not at Disneyland, Cindy enjoys food & travel with her husband.

Our Clients

Who We Serve

We’re always on the lookout for innovative, disruptive, and impact-driven business who are playing big and are ready to elevate their brand to make a bigger impact!

Coaching, Consulting, and Professional Services in:

  • Health, Wellness, and Fitness
  • Wealth, Finance, Accounting
  • Education, Training, Facilitation, E-Learning
  • Business, Marketing, Mindset, Spirituality
  • Tech and SaaS (Software-as-a -Service)

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