Branding can transform the world. But it can also transform your business.

We elevate our clients and help them disrupt marketplaces and achieve extraordinary success, by using our propriety brand-building method that blends both art and science. And while creating award-winning work motivates us, we’ve come to embrace the idea that making money and making an impact doesn’t need to be mutually exclusive. It’s why we choose to work with brands that are committed to being a force for positive change.

Who We Are

We are an award-winning branding agency that partners with businesses to create and manage innovative, disruptive, and world-class brands. Whether you’re an emerging or established small business, high-growth marketing team, or midsize enterprise, we bring our depth and breadth of experience to solve any branding problem you can throw our way.

Branding For The People – We Are an award-winning branding agency – We Are an award-winning branding agency.

  • Branding is a catalyst for transformation.

    Branding makes the dull, interesting.
    The quiet, loud.
    The meek, brave.
  • Branding influences how and why we buy from one company over another.

    It impacts why we favor one cause over another.
    If we become loyal fans or fierce opponents.
  • Branding brings volume to the voiceless.

    Provides momentum to movements that matter.
    It has the power to make the forgettable, memorable.
    The indistinguishable iconic.
  • More importantly, branding helps us move past the artificial to reveal the authentic.

    For companies committed to doing good in the world, embracing the transformative power of branding is everything.
  • At Branding For The People, we transform the brands that transform the world.

    We support the company's, individuals, and causes that seek to make a difference.
  • For over ten years, we have created brands that are memorable, iconic, and authentic.

    We've partnered with companies that are changing the landscape of their industries and the lives of the people they serve.
  • We believe in lifting up those who are striving to be a force for positive change.

    In supporting the companies, individuals and causes who yearn to make a difference.
    In transforming those who don't just focus solely on how much money they can make, but on the impact they can make in the process.
  • We do this because we know that transforming the world doesn't happen by accident.

    It requires intention, planning, strategy, and a commitment to the future.
    So while we don’t have the power to solve all of the world’s problems — we do have the ability to transform the companies that can.

About Our

Re Perez, CEO and Founder

Re (pronounced “Ree” ) is a former Fortune 500 Brand Consultant turned Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, and CEO of Branding For The People, an award-winning branding agency that creates world-class brands that accelerate business growth.

Founded in 2011, the agency has advised thousands of Visionary CEOs, Marketing teams, and conscious businesses around the world. Re is also the author of the best-selling book Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even If You’re Not): The Art and Science of Creating an Authentic Brand. As a member of B1G1, part of the agency proceeds are given to high-impact cause projects.

Re’s storied career includes senior-level positions at top global branding firms, including BrandLink, Interbrand, Reputation Management Institute, Siegel+Gale, and TMP Worldwide, where he gained invaluable experience consulting to AREVA, Abbott Nutrition, Amersham Biosciences, GE Money, Lilly, Nalco, Novo Nordisk, Nielsen Company, TD Ameritrade, and Xerox.

As a keynote speaker, Re electrifies every audience and brings forward-thinking insights, actionable content, and practical tips for every business owner and marketing team. His speaking portfolio includes major entrepreneurial conferences including: Baby Bathwater, CADRECon, EO’s Global Leadership Conference, Infusionsoft’s ICON and PartnerCon, SellerCon, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Ontrapalooza, Social Media Week Austin, and Thrive: Make Money Matter (to name a few). He has been interviewed on several Podcasts and is a faculty teacher for Growth Institute.

Re holds a degree in Organizational Behavior & Communications from New York University. He has lived in Florida, New York City, Dubai, and San Diego, but currently resides in Austin, TX.

Re Perez
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We Work

We’re always on the lookout for disruptive B2B, B2C, and Personal Brands that want to elevate their brand while making a bigger impact in the world. We love to work with smart, innovative folks and never shy away from a challenge. Bring us your most ambitious project; we’d love to rock it out for you!

Explore our work and case studies in the following industries:

  • High Tech
  • SaaS
  • Education
  • Finance / Crypto
  • Health and Wellness
  • Consumer Products

Some Of Our Clients – Some Of Our Clients – Some Of Our Clients – Some Of Our Clients

We are proud business for good.

Branding For The People is a member of B1G1, the organization that allows you to make a big difference in the world simply by doing what you do. Every time we work with a client, it gives us the opportunity to donate a portion of our proceeds to one of 50+ high impact projects.

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