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We are a brand transformation agency that helps small and midsize businesses create iconic brands.


With a proven track record advising 100+ different industries and professions, we are capable of uniquely solving any branding problem. Below are our most common offerings. For a custom proposal, please submit your Request for Proposal (“RFP”) here.

Branding Book

In Your Brand Should be Gay (Even if You’re Not), our CEO and best-selling author Re Perez, uses case studies and behind-the-scenes stories to challenge your understanding of branding and share a proven branding process that has helped thousands of clients around the world.

Brand Audit

Rather than polling friends, family or strangers on social media, our Brand Audit service is a 60-minute, personalized consultation where we evaluate your brand and present our findings to give you actionable tips to improve your brand.

Branding Intensive

Our Branding Intensive is our method for creating your Brand Strategy—the foundation for every brand. We will define and develop the “5 P’s of Branding”: Product, Purpose, Personality, Positioning, and Promise.

Done-For-Your Branding

Ideal for small and midsize businesses, generating between $1mil to $80mil in annual revenue, who need an agency partner to brand or rebrand their growing business. Includes a Branding Intensive, Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines, Website Design & Development, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, & Advertising. 

Brand Advertising

With over $15 million in ad spend under our team’s belt, our Brand Advertising division doesn’t run on theory. It runs on data. The only predictable (and sustainable) way to grow your business and brand is through paid targeted digital media, e.g. Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn.

Still unsure? Start with a Brand Audit.



About the Founder.

I’m 30 years old sitting across the Global Human Resources Director’s chair at one of the top global branding firms, and I ask: “Why am I being passed up for the next level in this company?”

Her response. “You don’t have enough gray hair.”

Translation: I didn’t look old enough.

At that moment, I realized no matter how smart, talented, or dedicated I am, the perception people have of me would either accelerate or stunt my growth. So, I left that position and got recruited to work at other consulting firms. My career eventually took me to work at a firm in Dubai, U.A.E.

No doubt, the experience I gained was invaluable and had shaped my professional branding career. With a resume featuring BrandLink, Interbrand and Siegel+Gale, and a Fortune 500 branding experience with Abbott, GE Money, Intel, Lilly, Nielsen Company, Novo Nordisk, Motorola, TD Ameritrade and Xerox, I had a colorful career learning from some of the most creative and brightest branding professionals in the industry.

But that’s my past. Not my future.

If you want a brand that:

  • Defines the soul of your business on a deep level.
  • Is custom-built and authentic.
  • Creates a movement and makes a positive impact.

You’re in the right place.
Welcome home.

About the Founder.