In another article, we explain about the “science of branding.

Here, let’s explore the “art of branding.”

In order to create a best-in-class, authentic brand, both the science and art must work together.

When you hire a branding partner, we believe you should hand over creative freedom to imagine the best Brand Identity for your business.

“Just as you wouldn’t tell an Executive Chef how to cook your meal or check-in midway if your meal is on track to being delicious, I encourage you not to meddle in the creative process.”

– Re Perez in the Best Selling Book Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even If You’re Not)

There have been times when we’ve had “too many cooks in the kitchen.” High-performing entrepreneurs or demanding small business CEOs are used to wearing many hats, and sometimes they want to wear the chef hat too.

We encourage our clients to embrace the process, retire some of the hats, and to trust your branding partner.

Not everyone has a creative, artistic, or design sense. If you have poor design sense, chances are you’re hiring a branding partner for their taste. Lack of design sense is not bad; it just means they’re more left-brained, literal thinkers.

Art can be an abstract process, challenging to understand for left-brainers. Each branding partner has their methodology. Our agency has a three (3) phase approach.

Phase 01: Brand Platform (The “Science”)

Phase 02: Brand Identity (The “Art”)

Phase 03: Brand Marketing (The Art and The Science)

We gather all the “ingredients” from the Brand Platform, then“cook” them into your Brand Identity.

This is the art!

The Brand Identity is more than just a logo, a Brand Identity is comprised of two components:

  1. A Visual Identity (i.e., logo, color palette, typography style, photography style, graphic elements); and,
  2. A Verbal Identity (i.e., style, tone, manner, voice).

In the Brand Identity process, we guide you through an interactive creative process tailored to create an identity for your company that truly represents it.

So you get to peek in the kitchen!

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