Branding Do’s and Don’ts (Panache Desai interviews Re Perez About His New Best-Selling Book.

Renowned spiritual leader, Panache Desai, interviews Re Perez about his book “Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even If You’re Not)”. Panache Desai is a best-selling author, thought leader, and life catalyst who loving, compassionate presence and unique power of insight have transformed countless individuals, organizations, and companies. Through energetic transformation. Desai helps people break free from suffering and limitation on every level, fostering a deeper understanding of who they are and guiding them into greater states of connection, collaboration and love.

Over the years, Panache has had the honor of being Oprah Winfrey’s guest on the Emmy-award-winning series, Super Soul Sunday. He’s developed groundbreaking programming and content that continues to uplift and transform a global community of individuals numbering in the millions. He’s authored the bestselling, “Discover Your Soul Signature – A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion, and Joy”, which has been translated into ten languages, touching lives and empowering readers around the globe. His new book is “You Are Enough – Revealing the Soul to Discover Your Power, Potential, and Possibility”.

In Re’s new book you will learn:

  • The truth about brands, branding, and marketing.
  • Art and Science of building an authentic brand.
  • Top Signs of an inauthentic brand.
  • How to come out with your brand message?
  • How to stand out in a world jaded with authenticity?

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