Yes. Branding Makes A Difference.

We went from 100 to 2,000 customers — a whopping 1900% increase after rebranding with Branding For The People.

Justin Berg

CEO of Purple Care

How Do We Say We Mow Grass Differently Than Everyone Else?

We needed to rebrand in order to be unique and different. Our business has been done for a long time. How do we say we mow grass differently than everyone else? It’s just grass! So we wanted to create a different image. When people question you about changing your name or your brand, you get the opportunity to tell your story, to resell your customers.

Justin Berg

CEO of Purple Care

Branding Is Bigger Than Just Building A New Logo

Branding your business is the process of ethically and authentically creating, shaping, and influencing a desired perception in the minds of your target customer…that makes your brand more desirable.

Re Perez and Branding For The People helped us take a big leap forward in our branding and messaging. With in-depth analysis, Branding Intensive meeting was a lot of soul searching. We were able to see the places where our branding worked and where it needed an upgrade!

Marc David & Emily Rosen

Institute For The Psychology Of Eating

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Introducing The Beginning Of Taking That Big Leap Forward:

The Branding Intensive From Branding For The People

When you participate in our signature Branding Intensive we will take everything you know to be true about your brand….and we will help you explore new thoughts, fold in some new insights, advance new thinking and build bold consensus.

Your brand will become instantly more interesting, more memorable to the masses and more necessary to the target customer. Your new branding will reintroduce your brand and quickly make the competition seem dated and less relevant.

Sit back. You are working with the very best in the branding industry. Beyond the 25+ years of experience and the 100 different industries, we are artisans in creating memorability, relevance and juiced up desire through branding. Just ask the Fortune 500s, the thousands of brands and the B2-everything businesses we have helped.

It’s game changing. And you deserve it.

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