Building customer confidence and your brand’s credibility is essential to the success of your brand. If you’re rebranding, it’s even more critical. Why go through the process only to repeat the same mistakes that shake customer confidence?

Here are four key ways to make every single person that interacts with your brand feel like your best client.

Know your audience.

We talk about this all the time: It doesn’t matter how fancy or well-crafted your message is if it’s wrong for your audience. Even more than just knowing who they are, you need to understand what really makes your audience tick.Still more important, you need to know what really turns them off. And then you need to avoid doing it.

Be human.

Corporate brands run the risk of sounding, well, corporate. But as a personal brand, small business, or entrepreneur, you’ll sound human by default, right?

Not necessarily. Jargon, overly technical or specialized language, and hyper-specific acronyms or slang can cloud your message. While it’s audience-appropriate for some brands to use jargon heavily, many gain far more by simplifying their message for accessibility. Engage with your audience like they’re real people (because they are!), and they’ll respond in kind with confidence in your brand.

Be available.

The faster people can communicate directly with a real person, the better they’ll feel about your brand. Have processes in place where people can reach a real person who will take care of them. Keep your contact information up-t0-date and clearly stated on your website so people know how to reach you.

Communicate like crazy.

Communicate early and often. Let people know what you stand for. Keep your goals transparent so people can understand and get on board with what you stand for.

And when things go wrong? Address it directly, clearly, and openly in order to maintain client and consumer confidence. People love to be in the know and you have every opportunity for them to love you.

At the heart of all of this is having a brand that feels more like a fully-developed personality than a corporate robot. If you’re feeling like your brand needs a refresh on its communication strategy, we’d love to talk!

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