Ready to change the name, face, and feel of their company, Ryan and Natasha DeHart hired Branding For The People to help them transition to their new brand, BENDT Distilling Co. In addition to modernizing the look and feel, BFTP helped BENDT develop its brand personality, attracting a new customer base while developing a core audience. Watch their interview to learn more about their experience with Branding For The People.

YouTube Description:

Changing the identity of your business is no easy task, especially when you’re already established. Owners and founders of BENDT Distilling Co., Natasha and Ryan DeHart, discovered this while preparing to pivot their brand in a new direction. Wanting to attract a new audience, Natasha and Ryan decided to completely overhaul the brand which included changing the name, look and feel.

To be successful, they knew they needed to set a strong foundation to build upon. After speaking with Re Perez, Natasha and Ryan knew that he and his team at Branding For The People would be the ones to help them build the new brand from the ground up.

“Your work speaks for itself”, Natasha explained when discussing why she and Ryan chose BFTP. The branding and look of BFTP solidified their decision, showing them that reaching their desired audience would be no problem.

The process was one of discovery for the couple, pulling information from them that they didn’t even realize they had and turning it into something useful and something that made sense to everyone. Serving as a sort of mediator, BFTP was able to help Natasha and Ryan get on the same page with the direction of their new brand, resulting in the creation of a cohesive message developed for the audience they were hoping to draw in.

Today, BENDT Distilling Co. is thriving amongst their target and core audience and, better yet, they’re doing so as their most authentic selves. Their advice? “Make the investment. If you go out there with the wrong message, you’re going to be spending twice as much down the road trying to fix it.”

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