With a rebrand comes a reimagining of Brand Values. Along with Brand Promise, Brand Attributes, Brand Voice, Value Propositions, and other characteristics, your organization’s values guide how your brand behaves, the goals it sets, and how you work.

What are Brand Values?

Basically, Brand Values are guiding principles of behavior that deliver on your brand.  You’ll often hear conceptual language like transparency, humanity, or accessibility. These concepts are then illustrated with more language expanding on what these specific principles mean to their brand and why they were chosen.

We’ve seen a trend of brands placing their values front and center. For example, Everlane provides their values on their website as part of their overall presence.

Our Brand Values.

In redefining our Brand Promise, it became clear we needed to realign our values to match. Shifting our focus from “Performance Fueled by Creativity” to “Simplify + Elevate” means our own DNA needs to shift. In order to deliver on the new promise, we needed to refresh our own fundamental language.

With this in mind, we arrived at three guiding principles of behavior: clarityrelationships, and kaizen. 


Clarity is pretty, well, clear for a brand that promises to simplify. But clarity as a concept for Branding For The People also imagines the client’s response to finally seeing their own vision clearly. Of course, we want to be clear and easy to understand. Because we want business owners to take action when they’re clear on the direction they’re heading. In addition, we also want to inspire that specific a-ha moment for our clients when they are crystal clear on who they are…and who they’re not.


Every business values relationships, but how does Branding For The People value relationships? By placing this as part of the value system that defines us, we make people and relationships central to everything we do. We want to work with you, not over or under. We don’t just take on more projects for the sake of it. We value long-term, collaborative relationships in which it’s a win-win for both parties. We are truly for the people — both in the sense of accessibility and in elevating those we work with through thriving connections.


Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning continuous improvement within business culture and practice. It’s a concept that is a sum of its parts, not a static condition. We value incremental change at every step as a commitment to overall improvement. If you’re not continually growing, your business will suffer. Simply by the very fact we’re evolving our brand is an indicator that we value continuous improvement. The market changes. People change. And, our business (and yours) will also change.

If you don’t have Brand Values guiding your internal culture and the brand experience for your clients or customers, it might be time to get clear on them. Of course, if you need help uncovering your Brand Values, schedule a call with our team today to explore how we can help.

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