It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

It’s an old maxim in the marketing and advertising world. When you have similarly competing companies that offer the same essential benefit or value to a consumer, there has to be a way to make yourself stand out from everyone else.

Your Visual Identity plays part of it. And as we discussed in a recent post , your Verbal Identity is another.

And it’s one big aspect of your Verbal Identity, your Brand Story, that is highly important and worth discussion.

What is a Brand Story?

A Brand Story, often known as a manifesto or mission statement, is essentially the emotional articulation of what your company and brand ultimately stands for. It is a declaration in language that aims to showcase the philosophy of your brand — how you view the world at large and the people you are trying to help within it.

Why is a Brand Story important?

In a world of copy-cats, a Brand Story allows you to differentiate yourself. If all things are equal — the service you provide, the problems you solve, the people you help, a Brand Story is what allows you to stand alone within your own category. Other people can copy what you do, but they can’t copy how you communicate.

Developing a powerful Brand Story takes courage. It requires you to first get crystal clear on your Brand Values, and then have the audacity to talk about it out loud, without apology.

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