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Sue Thompson approached Branding For The People to rebrand her company because she felt her branding wasn’t aligned between her two entities: Abundance Accounting and The Mastery of Money. In our strategy sessions, we discovered that Sue doesn’t only provide accounting services. Rather, her company also provides controller-type services, business consulting, business coaching, wealth creation consulting, and even payroll. Through a complete brand transformation process and several rounds of naming, we agreed to retire the two existing names and merge them into one new name: “The CFO Agency.” The rationale for the new name was based on two key factors: CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, is a C-Suite Executive title that would immediately convey a higher stature of services, and the term ‘Agency’ would be a unique “appendage” compared to other similar companies in the industry that used “Firm,” “LLC,” or “& Partners” to signal a corporation with a team of people. Shortly after the name change and rebrand, Sue said, “The branding process allowed us to reposition in the marketplace. The new name and brand clarified our company’s services and added the emotional component so it made it easier for clients to say ‘Yes.’ Naturally, revenues increased because people are happy to pay a premium when they understand the value that they are receiving.”

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The CFO Agency
The CFO Agency
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The CFO Agency
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The CFO Agency

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