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Mirasee is a successful business education company that helps experts achieve leverage, freedom, and Impact by creating online course businesses. With their ongoing growth and acquisition of multiple companies, the brand found itself on a considerable scale trajectory and the unique challenge of properly treating their various new sub-brands, products, and programs.

Mirasee partnered with Branding for The People to help position them for the future, engaging us to create a powerful strategy that organized their Brand Architecture while distinguishing them within the marketplace. As a result, we executed a complete Brand evolution, complete with a new Visual Identity and Brand Guidelines.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Architecture
  • Creative Services
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Mirasee Branding Case Study Logo
Mirasee Branding Case Study Sub Brand Mobile
Mirasee Branding Case StudyTypography
Mirasee Branding Case Study Visual System
Mirasee Branding Case Study-sub Brand Desktop UI-UX
Mirasee Branding Case Study Brand Marketing Stationery Print Design
Mirasee Branding Case Study Brand Marketing Swag Hat
Mirasee Branding Case Study Sub Brand Desktop Design


"We were really struggling to find a partner who could realize our vision for the evolution of our brand. It was a tricky job - we brought a lot of history and complexity to the table, and the stakes were high. After a lengthy search, we went with Branding For The People because of their experience and portfolio... but also just because of the people that they are. We felt like we could trust them to be stewards of our brand. And they lived up to our high expectations, and then some. Their process is thorough and rigorous - but not a hassle for us. It was actually fun, and we learned some interesting things about ourselves along the way. And the results speak for themselves. We couldn't be happier with the look and feel of our brand - it feels like a container that will support our growth in the years ahead. I couldn't be happier with our choice and recommend Branding For The People wholeheartedly."

- Danny Iny, Founder/CEO at Mirasee


As a result of the success of our work together, Mirasee recently re-engaged us to create another Visual Identity for one of their newly acquired properties, Mist Digital.

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