Making Contagious Happiness a Reality.


Raj Jana, founder and Chief Brewing Officer at specialty coffee company Javapresse, departed corporate life after the unexpected death of his mentor. He had passion, vision, and motivation to bring his message to a bigger audience. Javapresse needed to stand out in an incredibly crowded coffee market. We worked with Raj through our signature Branding Intensive process to define a clear, consistent and evocative message — one that would both differentiate Javapresse in the marketplace AND inspire people to transform their everyday coffee ritual into an extraordinary experience.



Raj Jana is an investor, show host, and serial entrepreneur. He came to our agency because he wanted a clear vision and way to explain his JavaPresse brand to other people in a way that was easily communicated. He wanted a consistent story that could spread across multiple platforms. Raj goes through our Branding Intensive and learns there are so many more layers to building a brand — from customer avatars, Brand Promise, Brand Values. His branding investment continues to help him in all of his business ventures for the rest of his life.

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