Bendt Distilling Co.

With liberty and whiskey for all.


Bendt Distilling Company is a Texas-based company that believes whiskey should be delicious, not pretentious. They craft hand-batched blends using only quality ingredients with no shortcuts and no substitutes. But where other company’s craft their spirits for a select group, Bendt believes whiskey should be enjoyed by all.

Bendt hired Branding For The People because they wanted to change the name, the face, and the overall feel of the company. They were looking to create something more modern that would appeal to a younger audience. Being new to the spirits industry, we brought fresh eyes that helped create a vibrant brand that made them entirely unique in their category.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Verbal Identity
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BENDT Bottle Packaging
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BENDT Bottle Packaging Typography
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Following their rebrand, Bendt Distillery has become one of the hottest brands in Texas. While they can be found in many stores around their area, the distillery has become a hot spot where visitors take part in their tasting classes and live events.

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