Maura Barclay

Making culture your competitive advantage.


Maura Barclay, a Cultural Fitness Consultant, knew that she needed to invest in building her Personal Brand to catapult her business. Maura came to us unsure whether she was ready to go through the branding process. Without any true branding or marketing strategy, she was able to successfully attract consulting and training opportunities. Which makes sense because she has a magnetic personality — and an eclectic, yet impressive, background: a professional firefighter, Line Producer for independent film, Therapeutic Yoga Director of teacher training, US Military contractor, Director of Empowerment & Advocacy for a Fortune 500 company, and Culture Officer for a tech startup. But, after a couple of conversations and learning her vision to take your business to the next level and lead a movement to transform culture within corporations, she knew that having the right Personal Brand was going to attract more of the right opportunities for her business.

In going through a Brand Strategy process with our team, she quickly clarified her passion for helping pioneering business leaders forge resilient, inclusive cultures that inspire inner peace, autonomy, performance, and profits in an ever-changing world. To kick off the start of 2022, she has a new brand. A Visual Identity and Website that authentically represents her and her movement.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Brand Story
  • Verbal Identity
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BFTP exceeded my expectations across the board. The brand development process was pure intuitive, creative science. One result of their proven process was deepening my understanding of my brand experience and how it creates my competitive advantage. They helped me create unique language about my brand that I began sharing with potential clients during the process. The site hadn’t even launched and I already have discovery meetings with a US Military contractor, a non-profit partnered with the FAA and Microsoft. BFTP helped me see myself and my brand from a holistic, new perspective then built the digital presence representing my unique value proposition. Best investment I’ve ever made in my business. I’m looking to 2x my revenue less than a month after my site launches. Gratitude all day long for Re and his phenomenal team of experts!

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