If you’re struggling with whether or not to spend money to invest in branding your small business, this information is for you. First, we need to address cost versus investment. I get it, as business owners, there are costs and overhead to running a business. Most people relate to branding as a cost — which it’s not. Rather, it’s an investment in the future success of your business.

You likely have a brand that’s getting results — maybe you did it yourself, bootstrapped, OR hired a designer to create your brand — BUT, it’s nowhere near what you could be doing.

  • Your message could be clearer or effective
  • You could be selling more of your product and services
  • Your conversion rate could be higher
  • You could be spending less time convincing people to buy your brand and spending more time actually delivering your brand to your target market.
  • Or, you could be impacting more people who need your services and products.

Most business owners are focused only on marketing and sales because they can track it to an immediate result.

When it comes to branding, it’s about creating real value in the marketplace — and when you do that, you will get results now and over time.

I understand completely.

It’s easy to rationalize holding off on creating a Brand Strategy.

The best companies in the world invest the time and money to create their Brand Strategy before Marketing Strategy.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you need to focus on your branding right now (not later):

  • 95% of all purchasing decisions are made in the subconscious. Branding is the most powerful way to tap into the subconscious of your target audiences.
  • We all buy based on emotion. No one cares about what you sell, make or offer. They care about the value you create in their lives. They care about the emotional connection your brand has with them.
  • If you wait to build a brand, your competitors will create value for and capture market share of your target audience before you — making it harder for you to differentiate your products or services, and leaving you to compete on price rather than value.

If you’re ready to focus on your branding and wondering where to start, we can help.

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