Calling all SoCal Natives, we are the newest San Diego Branding Agency and we want to meet you!

As companies grow and change, they sometimes lose attachments to the communities they reside within. New locations open up, home offices expand and focus on the national stage robs organizations of their roots!

At BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, we have vowed not to let this happen. We believe strongly in community branding and community involvement. Although we have moved our home office from NYC to sunny San Diego, we aren’t turning our backs on The Big Apple at all! Our Director of Marketing and Business Development calls the island of Manhattan home, and our founder Re Perez travels there often to check in on many of our Elite Clients.

However, as we network our way through San Diego’s amazing entrepreneurial communities, we must give credit where credit is due, and stake our flag in the sun, sand and surf! To that end, we are throwing open our virtual doors to meet all the San Diegans that we can!

We certainly hope that our reception is as enthusiastic as we are about being here. If you are looking for a San Diego Branding Agency and would like a free, 1/2 hour branding consultation with us, just email your request to with “Hello Neighbor!” in the subject line, or simply fill out the form on our Contact Page and Say Hi!