You’ve heard it multiple times.

Your business has to be authentic.

You need a unique selling proposition to succeed.

However, most businesses will suffer (if not already doing so) because they are failing to utilize a prerequisite in today’s economy — authenticity.

In fact, their inauthenticity is killing their business.

You can only do so much with great marketing and selling tactics. Those are short term solutions if your branding is not aligned with your market.

When a brand is inauthentic, people consciously or subconsciously hesitate to buy. And unless you work exceedingly hard to convince them otherwise, those people generally won’t buy in the long run.

The authenticity of your brand is far more important than a one-time customer or client.

Because we buy—and will continue to buy—from brands that earn our respect and trust because they’re genuine and real.

We buy from brands that don’t manipulate us or trick us into purchasing some-thing we don’t need or want.

We buy from brands that actually solve our problems.

And more and more, we buy from brands that make our lives just a little better…sometimes even transform them.

That said, it’s important to state that authenticity can’t be bought.

We can’t make a company authentic.

We can, however, show a company how to be more authentic.

In Re Perez’s new book — “Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even If You’re Not): The Art and Science of Creating an Authentic Brand” — he helps you understand the powerful impact that authentic branding can have on your business today…and over time.

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