Tera Maxwell approached BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE because she was tired of looking like everyone else and wanted to claim her position in the marketplace.

In Tera’s words: “The branding process has not only transformed my brand, but how I envision myself, my company, and the clients I serve. My work helps women entrepreneurs create more time, money, & love freedom in their lives by overcoming their roadblocks to living a life fully on purpose. And the work that I have done with Re has given me such clarity in my messaging and branding. What I treasure most about the VIP Branding Day with Re Perez is that he captured the essence of the work that I do with my clients. As an Affluence Coach, I work with clients on the conscious and subconscious level (or energetic level) to help them realize their highest potential. I also observed during the branding and creative process with BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, that it creates an energetic shift in you, because you step into the highest vision for yourself and your company.  Re Perez is a brilliant mind, and he brings both the masculine and feminine thinking to the project. We came up with a Brand Idea and description of my work that is unique to me and in the marketplace.”

Her new brand is still work-in-progress and we’re currently working on her new website. In the meantime, here’s the BEFORE and AFTER: