A few posts ago, I posed the question: Do you need to change your brand name? I discussed how my VIP Client Darla Ledoux changed her company name from Align & Profit to Aligned Entrepreneurs.

Here’s another renaming example, but in a completely different industry: health and wellness.

A couple of years ago, Gregory Serdahl attended my 1-day branding event and he was inspired to go through a rebranding process. He is the founder of a successful, established company called Massage America, which has provided massage services to active professionals and athletes in New York City area for several years.

After going through my 1-day branding workshop, he knew that his visuals needed a facelift (see the “before” image).


However, he also learned quickly that “brand” would be the essential ingredient that would inform design.

My starting point for any rebranding engagement is to understand the business goals and objectives.

There were three key reasons:
1. Re-engage members and employees about the overall company and its mission

2. Expand the company’s services / offerings

3. Expand into additional locations in the city

Given the above, the first thing I realized is that the company name would prohibit him from fulfilling on these objectives.

Why? Well, the company name is “Massage America”

I couldn’t help but ask Gregory: “In how many cities in America does the company exist?”

His response: One.

Then, I asked: “Ok. Do you do anything else besides Massage?”

His answer: Well, we have a wellness center and provide other types of treatments, such as acupuncture. Oh, and we offer nutritional products.”

My response: “Well, don’t you think ‘Massage America’ is not quite an accurate picture of what your company does or offer? It describes ONLY Massage AND it implies that you’re all over America?”

Needless to say, after 3 months of brainstorming, we changed the name.

The new company name is Mpower Bodywork.

We also created a concept behind his brand, which is centered on the idea of “performance.” If you think about when you get a massage or wellness treatment, your ability to perform in life increase. So, promising the idea of increasing your performance would be relevant and meaningful to his target audiences.

So empowerment is a likely expression of his brand. However, the word “empower” is overused. Thus, we got creative and came up with “Mpower.” Further, we added “Bodywork” to the name to signal an umbrella for Massage, Wellness and Nutrition.

And voila!  We have a new brand. Below is the new mark showcasing the new brand’s extensive, vibrant color system:

Check out his new site CLICK HERE

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