Rick and Erica Wiley’s web development business, Craftwerks New Media, was a successful website business with humble home basement beginnings.  Craftwerks catered to entrepreneurs struggling to establish an online presence on their own or with “bumpy” relationships with a current designer/developer. Their biggest challenge was that even after a few rebranding attempts on their own, their own brand appearance was too homely and casual. Their website not honoring the high quality work their clients experienced was costing them because their target audience was seeing the disconnect. Rick and Erica approached BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE to help develop a brand that reflects their personality, shares their unique approach and demonstrates their expertise.BRANDING OPPORTUNITY
The team needed to reconcile three areas:

  • A new company name that would clearly vocalize their service, benefits and personality.
  • A brand that could engage their target audience, overcoming technological barriers and fears.
  • A new visual identity that would portray a creative, geeky look and feel – while being professional and assuring.


BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE created a brand strategy that would inspire and connect Craftwerks’ target audience with them as both individuals and as a serious business. We created a set of brand attributes, brand values, value propositions that make it effortless for clients to understand and embrace Rick and Erica’s message. With the ability to clearly articulate their “why” and “how” in a manner that relates to their work and supports their professionalism, they can now be more effective in their communication.The team worked with Rick and Erica to:Develop a new name for their business: PROFITGEEKS

  • Create a new mark and visual identity for their brand
  • Clarify and distinguish overly casual from good clean professional fun
  • Align their beliefs and skills with their brand impression


Still in pre-launch phase, Rick and Erica’s shift in talking about their brand is already producing results, which include:

  • Attracting serious minded clients.
  • Referrals from new sources and 3 new strong strategic partnership relationships with colleagues.
  • In the first month since establishing their new brand identity, their close rate has jumped from 28% to 75%.

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