Do you want to inspire confidence and compel clients to action? Try using consistent photography in branding your company, and you’ll win a dependable following!

Across the many touch-points of your brand outreach, you are bound to use photography… within backgrounds, headshots, before/after stories, blog posts, social media posts, and in innumerable other applications. No matter what the scenario, photos do some heavy lifting when it comes to communicating your message.

So, are your pictures on brand? Do they communicate the promise of your company? Or, as we see day in and day out, are they random and without any throughline or theme? If they are the latter, your customer is getting mixed messages and is befuddled by your company’s aesthetic. Do you want a confused customer? We think not!

Here are 3 different ways to get your pictures on par with your promise:


Pick a filter, and apply it to everything! If your company’s personality is bright and happy, let your photos reflect your purpose. If your organization relies on a certain kind of mystique, maybe your photos should as well. Check out the example below for some inspiration:

Photography in branding filters


Pick a crop and stick to it! Are you detail oriented? If so, use close-ups… Have you got more of a big picture kind of brand? Go for the landscape!

Photography in branding


Be consistent! If you use photographs of yourself in your businesses marketing materials, you should maintain a certain look whenever possible. What does this mean? Well, if you have gone from blonde to brunette, get rid of all of those blonde photos, otherwise you are going to confuse people…

Photography in branding filter multiple
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