As an entrepreneur you probably make your market differentiation dollars work, and work hard.

Well, what if we told you that you are doing it wrong? What if all of those networking and sales opportunities and all of those investments are being wasted by you? What if, after each engagement, the audience simply forgets you, forgets your company… and carries on without you? It is a very scary thought, but it happens all the time. Just consider this – How many times have you met someone at a networking event, and forgotten them? Perhaps you’ve forgotten this same person several times, across several events. This person never left an impression on you, because they were forgettable!

We caution you to never allow this unfortunate lack of market differentiation to happen to your business, and here are 5 ways you can make sure that it doesn’t:

1. Stand out in the crowd!

Let’s face it, seen and remembered is not difficult, but it does take guts and a little grit. Find your gumption and reject the status quo. Figure out what your physical assets are, and work with them. As one of our favorite authors and entrepreneurs Barbara Corcoran likes to say… “If You Don’t Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons On Your Pigtails.”

2. Lead every introduction with your “Why” and with your Credentials!

If you work in a service oriented field like real estate (or any field for that matter), introduce yourself like this: “Hi, my name is Mary. I love real estate investing and watching families enjoy happy homes. As a matter of fact, I just closed a Million dollar deal for a couple that has outgrown their starter house!” This is certainly a more appealing introduction than the one you are using today.

3. Look at your competitors, and be different!

It happens far too often, we see a more successful competitor, and we copy them. We like their colors, their fonts, their language, their marketing materials, and we flat out imitate them. Ask yourself, what does this actually accomplish? All you have done here is position yourself or your company as an “also ran” or a “second best” selection in a marketplace. If you are innovative, if you break the mold, your success will be greater and you will be a market leader rather than a market follower.

4. Be You! (because nobody else can)

Have you ever thought “I wish I had broader appeal, to more people.” If so, that is ok, we get it. But, consider this as an alternative: “I wish I could find a tribe of people that appreciate me for me!” This latter way of thinking is based on the idea that there is enough for everyone, and that people only do business with the people that they relate to. Unless you have a monopoly in your field, you’ve got competitors who are all vying to make lasting connections. What better way is there for people to connect than through shared experience in life? We at BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE network constantly! We’ve found die hard fans, friends and clients within the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, in our local communities of San Diego and New York City, and even through our home towns of Manchester, New Hampshire and The Bay Area of California. At times, we are also connected to customers through our loves of fashion, technology, spirituality and the arts! Do we want to be all things to all people? No. Should we be? No. Time is the one commodity that people can’t make more of, so we spend our time interacting and appealing to those who we are naturally drawn to.

5. Take Risks.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” – T. S. Eliot (enough said, but don’t take our word for it, read more on Forbes.Com)

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