I often need to educate my clients a lot more about the branding process.

There’s a common theme (and nugget to share with you) about their misunderstanding of the branding process, especially the creative process. When going through the creative process, here’s ONE thing you should avoid:


Here are three tips to avoid this:

1. Write a creative brief AND stick to it. There are key elements typically included in a creative brief. Whatever template you use, don’t change the brief and always base your feedback against the brief. Here are some common components in a brief:

  • The assignment objective
  • The Vision for your Brand
  • Brand Attributes
  • Brand Values
  • Colors to avoid / colors to explore
  • Images or objects to consider or incorporate
  • Aspirational brands
  • Competitor brands
  • Technical considerations
  • Delivery requirements

2. If you hired a graphic designer to create your brand, make sure that the designer presents 2-3 Visual Identity directions. This is different than 2-3 logo directions. The biggest difference between the two approaches is that one is conceptual and the other is tactical. More importantly, when the designer presents each direction, CHOOSE one direction and make requests for refinements within that one direction. Avoid asking the designer to borrow a piece from one design and use it in another design direction (designers will thank me for this comment alone). You will end up frustrating your designer.3. Let the creatives do their work. I know you have a vision for your brand. I also understand that it’s your business. However, if you’re working with a design professional, allow him/her to do the job. A solid designer will have the formal training in design, visual communications, color theory, etc. If you start to put your own view of how things should look, then you might end up with something very similar to what you already have, or (worse) you might end up with a brand that only YOU love, but your customer/clients DON’T LOVE.

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