BRANDSHARE EVENT is creating a shift in the way entrepreneurs and small businesses think about brands. A shift that LEADS with:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Purpose-driven businesses
  • Art, creativity and originality
  • Taking risks
  • Relationship-building, community and engagement

This shift is widening the gap everyday between the entrepreneurs who have a premium, profitable brand AND those who have an “off-the shelf” brand that feels both played out or over used. You get to choose which kind of brand you want to be.

October’s EVENT theme: Dare To Be Different

Poem donated by Mariposa  – BRANDSHARE EVENT October 13, 2012 Silver Sponsor

Dare To Be Different Poem © 2012 Mariposa

Courage. It takes courage

To dare to be different

To be a rebel / odd man out

Strange woman with purple hair

A misfit daredevil who dares / to go against the grain

It’s the strong ones who are crazy / courageously insane

Dare to be different

Change up the game / incite change / rearrange

the social order / take the script and flip it

I’m talking to you / brave dreamers /visionaries

Dare to be different

Dare to be you

Innately unique

As distinct as your finger print

One of a kind star in a bright universe

Dare to be different

Honest and true / to what you’ve got to give

Something only you / can do

Dare to be different

Dare to be free

Increase the odds of success

Stand out from the rest

Dare to be different

Damned if you don’t

Someone else will when you won’t

There ain’t no shake-n-bake formula to change the world

Tried and true

Just dare to be different

Dare to be you

  • Re-think what you think you know
  • Re-envision
  • Re-arrange
  • Re-design and grow
  • Re-work the master plan
  • Re-create / Realize
  • Re-make the mold and break it
  • Re-birth the pattern in the mosaic

Advance / recede

Two steps forward / one step back

Pause and reflect but don’t react

Take a stand and


Dare to be different

Don’t hesitate

Dare to be different


Dare to stand out in all the noise

Quite poised

A bit odd

A tad strange

Dare to be different


What was you thought was possible

Re-imagine what you thought you knew

Dare to dream in a direction

That distinguishes you

from the rest


Be the best



Dare to be different. Dare to be you.

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