I travel a lot on planes. Just earlier this week, I was leaving the San Diego airport to head back to New York City. We are sitting on the plane for an hour until the captain announces that there’s a curfew in San Diego for when planes can no longer take off. So, we’re asked to deplane and re-schedule our flight. Amidst the long lines, complaints and chaos of getting on a new flight I started to observe everyone’s behavior in how they dealt with the change in plans. I was shocked how people react to something that is beyond their own control.

Of course, I like to draw a connection between my observations and branding, so this observation was about how people “show up” in the world. Why? Because how you do anything is how you do everything!

I don’t know about you, but I remain calm on flights or when traveling. I remain calm whenever there are interruptions in service, delayed take-offs, lost baggage, or anything related to a not-so-perfect travel experience.

Here’s the deal. Sh *t happens. But, how you deal with it is EVERYTHING. Even in your business. Even with your brand.

Are you the traveler who:

  • Screams at flight attendants or the ticket counter representatives
  • Gets worked up about weather interruptions in flights
  • Pushes people out of your way to get your bags
  • Hoards the seat rest so the person next to you is squished
  • Takes up more space than others in the overhead cabin

I hope not. Or maybe you have observed travelers who have done this…Well, these may be some personal pet peeves when I travel, but I thought to myself. If “how you do anything is how you do everything,” then how do these people operate in their business or in their jobs? Is this how they portray their personal brand?

Your brand is like your reputation. You either have a favorable one or unfavorable one. When you behave in a particular way that is selfish, rude, obnoxious or unforgiving, people remember.


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