Think of your favorite movie.

What do you remember about it? Is it the characters, the music, the lighting?

Or was it the way it made you feel: joyful, sad, scared or hopeful?

What about your favorite car? Do you remember how much horsepower it had or do you remember how you felt when you opened it up for the first time on the highway with the windows down and the music up?

Or that pair of shoes that you just needed to have… How good did it feel to wear those out of the house for the first time?

We buy things to feel. To experience.

As the brand strategist of your company, it is your job to make sure that the experience people have when interacting with your brand is intentional and memorable.

We just held our most recent Branding Intensive In Las Vegas last week and while it is always an amazing experience for us, it is critical that it is an amazing experience for our attendees.

“Re is a branding rockstar! When you want to build a million dollar brand you go to Re Perez. Not only did Re over deliver at the intensive, he has a solid rockstar team. Joseph brought humor and insightfulness, while Justin shared his brilliant ideas with us. I left with the clarity that I needed to build my empire and now I feel like I am ready to take on the world and share my gifts. Branding may seem easy, however, it is a very complex process; Branding for the People simplifies the entire branding process. Thank you for creating brands that enrich so many lives all over the world!”

– Dimple Dang, CEO, Stiletto Digital

“As a mother of 8 and an entrepreneur at heart I have always known that I have something to offer the world. The problem has always been how to get that message out and be heard by the right people. I thought that the Branding Intensive with Branding For The People was going to be a seminar to guide us in colors, fonts and a little bit of messaging, but it was so much more profound than that. Through the 3 day process I learned that my audience deserves to hear my unique and authentic voice. By finding that voice through words that specifically connected with me and the people I am meant to serve I feel so much more passionate about my mission. It’s nice to have a logo, but I have to say that it’s life changing to find your voice! It is so easy now to be laser focused on the content I need to create, the products I need to make and the people I want to attract. Branding For The People has saved me countless hours of sweat and tears in the journey of being a Mommy-Preneur. For that I will be forever grateful.”

Monica Perez Burnett
CEO and Founder of Mommy Makes A Million

“This seminar aligned many of my various business products and services “under one roof” so to speak. With Re, Joe and Justin the creative ideas were flying! By way of many brilliant processes the group was able to distill innovative ideas and business concepts into a few pleasingly understandable words for our clients. There was enormous value here for me. Thank you!”

Pepper Frey

And those are just the first three to come in.

We share these for two reasons.

1. To show you just how amazing these events are for those that attend.

We get a tremendous amount of work done and our attendees leave with a brand brief that sets them up for success. We just thought you might like to know. 🙂

2. The importance of feeling in branding.

We tried to make the Branding Intensive an experience unlike anything else. It’s deeply personal work, and the brand building process is broken down in a linear fashion that makes the work both incredibly challenging but also incredibly rewarding.

What type of experience are you creating for your clients and customers? How do they feel after working with you?

Ask yourself how you want your customers to feel when they work with you and then ask your customers the same question. See if the answers align. If they do you are doing a wonderful job creating a desired brand experience. If not then you’ve got work to do because people don’t always remember what you accomplished, but they always remember how you made them feel.