The team at BambooMoves approached BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE with a vision to take their yoga franchise business to the next level. They wanted a new “brand” that was going to enable them to have a thriving group of centers with a strong presence in the New York/New Jersey area with 6 studios. They envisioned a community where students feel a strong connection, appreciation, and loyalty to their brand, and who feel they can share and grow with their vision. They wanted the company to establish a strong reputation that honors its values and moves them into larger-scale public consciousness. They want to expand into 10-12 more franchise locations that would serve the community, empower yoga teachers to participate in their teach training program, and allow BambooMoves’ mission and values to be incorporated into their students’ everyday life.


BambooMoves wanted a new brand that would honor and maintain the ancient yogic traditions, while also positioning them to be unique in the category and differentiated among other yoga studios and various fitness clubs that offer yoga. They wanted to appeal to yogis who see yoga as a part of their lifestyle and that were interested in building a community with other like-minded yogis. More specifically, they wanted a new brand that would:

  • Maintain the quality and control, and stay in touch with strong spiritual values/practice
  • Enable them to extend nationally and internationally
  • Provide a feeling of connection and community to any student that walks through their doors


BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE created a brand strategy, a new story for their brand and updated their visual identity — one that would create a singular voice and message, provide an authentic yoga experience, and would pique the curiosity of others to want to learn more about their brand.

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