Imagine this:

You have a loyal following online, you tweet and update daily or weekly, and you’ve got hundreds, maybe thousands of followers. You decide that it’s time to sell direct to your social media tribe with a link to a product, service or program, and… nobody buys.

What happened? Where did you go wrong?

One answer is social media branding. The long and short of it is this… If your facebook following sees a certain look, feel and voice, and you send them to a purchase or product page with a completely different look, feel and voice, then all you are doing is confusing them! You aren’t selling them anything, you are scaring them off.

Let me put it another way…

How would you feel if you were headed to Target to pick up a few things, kids in tow. After you walk through the main entrance of the store, you look up and suddenly realize you are in Bed Bath & Beyond. This is the feeling people get when your social media and your website are inconsistent, and it can be frightening.

What is the solution? Brand Consistency! Here are 5 items to increase affinity…

  1. Color: Am I using the same color palette on my website and in my social networks?
  2. Fonts: Do my  promotional items use the same fonts that I use on my website?
  3. Voice: Do I use slang and casual words in social, while adopting a more professional yet contrasting and confusing  tone on my site?
  4. Information Hierarchy: When I refer to my products and services on social media, am I calling them by the same names that are in use on my website?
  5. Logo: Does my logo look the same across all of my touch points, or does it have different layouts, treatments or backgrounds?

Fix all 5 components above and your followers will have a much easier time trusting you.

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