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Odyssey Test Prep is an LSAT tutoring and prep company that helps law students raise their LSAT scores on the path to getting into the law school of their dreams. Their unique programs and private tutoring help students get the most out of their LSAT preparation, with astonishing results.

CEO Jonathan McCarty was looking to take his company to the next level. Working with an original brand and website that he had created himself, he was struggling to attract and enroll the high-caliber clients who would best benefit from the company’s high level of service. He engaged Branding For The People to reimagine every aspect of his brand experience, including the creation of high-level elite tutoring.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • UI/UX Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Copywriting
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Odyssey Test Preparation, LLC

"The whole process really gave me a renewed drive and re-motivated me with a lot of enthusiasm that has helped push the business forward. As a result, we are attracting highly motivated, highly intelligent, and really amazing students who will go into law and do some amazing things. Many agencies we looked at all seemed to blur together, with the exception of Branding For The People. I think that if you want to get clarity on what your company is, what your business is, how you want to speak to your customers and adapt that into an experience for your customers — you really need to get some branding work done."

Jonathan McCarty, CEO, Odyssey Test Prep


Within a month after launching their new brand, Odyssey Test Prep achieved a 400% growth in revenue and consistently tripled its revenue each year. They also went from having 85% of their clientele and revenue coming in through third-party sites to almost 90% coming solely from their website post relaunch.

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