Don’t be afraid if your brand needs video touchpoints. Perhaps your brand has the classic touchpoints: logos, images, photography, copy (with a font to match). Maybe you’ve even tipped your toe into the deep end of Facebook ads. If you’ve worked hard on your brand platform, then you’ve no doubt fleshed out what you need to connect with your target audience. But the market keeps changing. Consumers keep moving. Social media platforms come and go. One thing still makes many entrepreneurs nervous: video touchpoints. Have you thought about if your brand needs video touchpoints yet?

If you haven’t, here are 5 main reasons why you’re late to the ball:

Video engages consumers.

Video revenue continues to grow. According to a recent study, 67% of consumers will watch a video for entertainment and 54% find content valuable even when sponsored by a brand. More than half of consumers are drawn to brands that use innovative strategies. The prediction? By 2020, video will make up 80% of web traffic.

This means consumers want video. But not just any video: according to that same study, consumers still find video invasive, which is why the content must be well-branded and high quality. Consumers want choice, not interruption.

Video touchpoints are immersive.

Well-branded video touchpoints combine a visual experience with a personal element. With advancing technologies including 360° perspective and virtual reality, video can offer consumers the look and feel as if they are really there. “Immersive storytelling” is one buzzword, and this article highlights four examples of video that brings the consumer into its world.

Video touchpoints are more personable.

Your Brand Archetype is important. Using your archetype to develop your personality is often more art than science. Video helps you get there. Think of it as dating-lite: video allows for more opportunities to share the nuances of personality with someone than simply through static images or words on a screen. Dates are in person (well, they should be) and, although marketing messages can’t always be delivered in person, a well-branded video can offer a closer experience for your target audience.

Video is informative.

More than half of consumers watch video content to learn how to use a product. Forget multi-lingual, multi-page booklets of product instructions. Have you headed straight to YouTube to learn how to do something? Next time, pay attention to audience views: you aren’t the only one watching. Video touchpoints offer a way to inform and teach your target audience. Don’t rely solely on lead magnets in providing free content. In fact, more than one-third of consumers will share contact information in exchange for free, compelling video content.

Well-branded video touchpoints can be fun!

Don’t be afraid to explore! Make yourself a little nervous. As you can see from our best-branded holiday ads, or our picks for the best-branded videos, you can really have fun using video to reach your target audience.


If your brand hasn’t explored video as a touchpoint, don’t be afraid to jump in! It may soon be a primary way to reach target audiences, so don’t hesitate to meet them where they are headed.

If your brand has taken you as far it can go, there’s only one way to take it further. It’s not with a marketing agency. Not with a business coach. Not even a graphic designer.

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