In our last blog we dove into the trigger of mystique, why it’s such a powerful brand strategy, and how Jagermeister masterfully used mystique to grow their business over 40% a year.

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In part 1 I left you with the four main ways we build mystique. They are:

1. Spark Curiosity
2. Withhold Information
3. Build Mythology
4. Limit Access

I will go back to the bar example to show you how these factors work. Seems only appropriate since we are discussing Jager.

Let’s say I see a beautiful woman at the bar. I can pique her curiosity in many ways. It may be my expensive Rolex, a ridiculous shirt, or a particular comment.
Let’s say I am wearing a ridiculous shirt covered in flamingos AND a Rolex. I now go and talk to her. I crack a few jokes, we laugh, we get to know a little bit about each other, but just a little bit. She’s curious why I am wearing a Flamingo shirt, so she asks me why.

I have sparked curiosity.

“Why not wear a shirt with Flamingos?” I respond.

I’m withholding information.

She moves onto the next answer she wants from me, she wants to know how I can afford a Rolex. Now a Rolex plays on a different trigger as well, the trigger of prestige, but it also adds to my mystique.
“So what do you do for work?” The beautiful lady asks.
“I work in international business.”

Again withholding information.

But damn if it doesn’t intrigue. Rich enough for a Rolex, bold enough to wear a bright shirt with flamingos on it, and I travel all over the world, or so she thinks.

Now I have a friend come over and say something like, “Man, Justin, I can’t believe you wanted to come back here after last time, that was one of the best nights of my life… but man was that scary too!”

Mythology is building…

“What happened last time?” she asks.
“Ah… it’s a long story. I don’t have the time to tell it right now, I actually have somewhere to be so I have to run…”

I’m limiting access…

“But if you give me your number I would love to tell you about it sometime.”

Man who is this guy?!?!?!

99/100 that beautiful women will give me her number. She’s fascinated. Who wouldn’t be? I sound like James Bond, or the Dos Equis guy.

Here’s the rub. I could just have awful taste, a fake Rolex, be a customer service rep for people in China who have problems with their office supplies, and my crazy, exciting, scary story from last time is actually about when I hit on the bartender’s girlfriend and he threw me out of the bar.

Not so much of a catch now am I?

Yet she doesn’t think this at all because I played on the psychological trigger of mystique.

Now if I want anything serious with this woman, I can’t keep up this charade forever, the chickens will come home to roost so to speak. Honesty and trust are vital to a meaningful relationship.

But business is different. Jager isn’t trying to spend the rest of its life with you, in fact most people move on to something else as they grow older and their priorities change – What Jager says about us when we are drinking it at 21 and at 40 are very different things. If we are 21 and drinking Jager we are young, wild and free, if we are 40 we are trying to recapture our youth. Jager is ok with that.

Jager has masterfully capitalized on their target market, young people, and has a tremendous brand following because of mystique.

Think about mystique for your business. If done right it could do wonders for your brand, and in turn, your bottom-line.

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