Why you should stop studying wealth.

I want to remind you that one of the most effective ways to expand your thinking and your business is to LEAVE your office (or home office). In fact, leave the city or state you live in. Get as far away from your comfort zone and “mastermind” with a group of colleagues who not only hold you accountable to your business goals, but provide a safe forum for you to foster creativity and innovation.

In one of my recent mastermind retreats with my business coach and colleagues, we learned that the days of “studying wealth” has reached it’s time. Dead. Retired. Old news. There is just way too much information online or on bookshelves about the study of wealth: how to get it, create it, sustain it, etc. etc. If all that information really worked, then why isn’t everyone wealthy? Well, the truth is that where you should focus your time is NOT on the study of wealth, but, rather, the study of innovation. Innovation is key. Whether it’s coming up with new ideas, a unique or fresh approach, or cutting-edge products and services, people who innovate are more likely to survive the “economy” — and, more likely to create a legacy (think Steve Jobs).

This is good news for those of you who believe in the power of branding. Branding can help you come up with creative approaches to differentiate your business from competitors. Branding can help you stop being a “me-too” business.

So, the message today: Go innovate today. It does your brand good.

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