If you are looking for your brand to engage with more customers, then apply these 3 tips.

One of the most powerful ways to build a strong brand is to tell stories. Strong brands know that storytelling is an effective and useful too to engage, connect and inspire people to take action! If you want your brand to engage with more customers, then apply these three tips:

1. Sell solutions, not products

You may be under the impression that you are selling a product or a service, but in reality you are actually selling a solution to your customers’ problems. Customers do not come to you just because you have a great product or service. Rather, they perceive or believe you can help them with the solution to their P.A.I.N. (Problems Aspirations Issues and Needs). Understanding this fundamental notion will change how you serve your customers and convey this message through everything you communicate with your customers. When your customers think of their P.A.I.N., you want them to think of you and your company as the solution to their problems — and, therefore, the person to go.

2. Provide value

If you know the solution you provide, the next step is to clarify your unique value propositions, i.e. what are your distinct points of differentiation that clarifies what you and ONLY YOU can do for your customers (in the context of the solution). In today’s crowded marketplace, it is almost impossible to have ONE unique value proposition. I recommend having three value propositions. Why? Because your customers might have a few different things that are most important to them — and what’s important to them at the first moment they’re considering working with you, might be slightly different than what’s important to them after they’ve hired you. The point is to consistently and constantly know what’s going to be of value for your customers throughout the entire customer journey. Be sure to infuse your value propositions into your our overall story to help amplify your brand.

3. Get personal

Consider that ALL purchasing decisions are based on some form of emotion. So, consider how you want your customers to feel about your brand will determine whether they buy from you or even how much they’re willing to invest in your company. One way to connect with you on an emotional level is to get personal. Share your feelings and emotions. Communicate emotions in your brand stories. At the end of the day, people buy from people. Sure, we buy the actual product or service, but people buy MORE from people with whom they feel a deeper connection. So, your brand story is the way in which you communicate your brand so that your audience gets to know, trust and like you — and ultimately buy from you.


Explore how you can incorporate these tips in your storytelling and then re-write your story. Share your story with a friend or colleague and ask them if they are more connected with you than BEFORE you shared your brand’s story.

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