Amateur branding is for amateur businesses.

Branding isn’t rocket science. It’s an art and science.

Branding is both an art (design, colors, graphics, imagery, fonts) and science (psychology, sociology, cognitive linguistics). While it’s common to think you can just do-it-yourself, the businesses who get it right inevitably hire a branding partner to help them uncover and distill that which they’re not able to see for themselves. We have a proven process for building brands, saving our clients from wasting energy, hours and marketing dollars trying to figure it out on your own or working with untrained branding professionals. If you’re interested in working with our firm, please submit a Request for Proposal below and we will determine which of our three branding programs would be an ideal fit for you — or if a customized program is required.

Phase 01
Brand Strategy

Skipping ahead to marketing without having a Brand Strategy is the mistake most small and midsize businesses make. It’s why we created the Branding Intensive, a personalized, deep-dive into clarifying the 5 P’s of Branding: Product, Personality, Purpose, Promise, and Positioning (collectively known as a Brand Strategy).

Phase 02
Brand Identity

Once you’re clear on your Brand Strategy, you’re now ready to translate it into a Visual and Verbal Identity. The Visual Identity is comprised of your logo, colors, typography, photography style, graphic elements. The Verbal Identity is comprised of your Brand Story, Brand Voice, and Writing Style. Both components are then delivered in a Brand Cheat Sheet and Brand Guidelines.

Phase 03
Brand Marketing

After clarifying your Brand Strategy and creating your Brand Identity, you’re now well-poised to go-to-market to attract your ideal customers, generate leads, increase sales, and expand your business. Our team works closely with you to build your website, social media presence, marketing funnels, and advertising campaigns to scale your success.

Ready to Get Started?

Case Study.

Check out this short video interview with Adam Hailstone, Chief Marketing Officer at Williamsburg Learning. Adam shares their rebranding experience with our agency, that has helped them get clear on their target customers, become magnetic, and almost triple in size (even after losing a big customer).