Purple Care

With a name that they’d outgrown and was now limiting their exposure and client base, Purple Care owner and president, Justin Berg, set out to redefine his nature-connecting company. He came to Branding For The People with a goal of introducing his expanded business to the market. Watch Justin’s story to find out just how much his company has grown since rebranding with BFTP.

Branding the “Purple People”.

Justin Berg, the CEO of Xtreme Lawn Care approached our agency because he felt they had outgrown their name and brand — and he was tired of losing business to their competitors. The company expanded into different businesses, and he felt the term “Lawn Care” in their name had become limiting. It didn’t describe the full depth and breadth of their services: lawn care, landscaping, pest control, and tree services for both residential and commercial properties in the greater Fort Worth area. 

Justin was adamant that the new brand maintain the use of the color purple, because they had been recognized as the “purple people.” We pushed this line of thinking and recommended to rename the company to Purple Care. In doing so, began the mark of revitalizing their brand.

Over the course of 8-9 months, we partnered with Justin and his team to develop a new Brand Strategy, Message, Brand Voice, and Manifesto. In addition, we designed a new Visual Identity that brought the Purple Care name to life with a new logo/mark, color palette (while retaining the color purple), and brand look and feel. Finally, we designed and developed a new website. Together, the rebrand made a big splash upon launching, opening up new business and expanding business with existing customers, because they now know who they are, what they offer, and why they should continue to hire Purple Care.

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