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Process Never Looked so Fun & Playful.

Process Never Looked so Fun & Playful.

DeLynne Ano came to Branding For The People, wanting a clear, concise message and brand language that would then get expressed in a Brand and Visual Identity that would attract their ideal clients. Having mentored thousands of companies to successfully navigate multi million dollar contracts with Fortune 100 companies, DeLynne’s company (formerly known as Scape, Inc.) helps their clients create a supportive team environment, mobilize their employees to be more effective and productive, and, in the process, increase peace and profitability throughout the organization.

Through a complete strategic and creative process, we renamed the Company and created a complete new look and feel. Now, rebranded as Process Panda, DeLynne and team can bring their unique personality into the marketplace with pride and confidence.

Check out their new brand below.

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