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Pioneering the New Standard in the Gaming Industry.


As a funded startup, OPTX came to Branding For The People because they invented a new user-friendly, cutting edge software solution for the gaming industry. Backed by extensive years of operator experience, they knew that branding was going to be their competitive advantage amongst the dated, confusing, non user-friendly competitive counterparts.

Sure, other competitors might offer a similar value proposition, but OPTX is pioneering new opportunities and revolutionizing the standards in the gaming industry.

Spanning over 6-7 months, we collaborated  with the OPTX team to create a Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Story, Brand Positioning, Brand Voice, Brand Message, Brand Architecture. In addition, we conducted a complete Website UI/UX Strategy, as well as designed and developed their new website. 

Their new brand is already achieved some initial success and traction and is well-positioned to be the go-to software solution for  the gaming industry, enabling companies to create better guest experiences — and ultimately improve their business performance.


OPTX is an enterprise software solution aimed at enhancing businesses in the gaming and hospitality industry. When the startup hired Branding For The People, OPTX brought only a name and a goal of bringing awareness to their product and brand to the table. BFTP has helped them do both. Check out their story and find out where they are today.

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