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"We landed a $1mil contract since branding with Branding For The People. But the biggest takeaway is the foundation to grow to the next level."

Chris Koomey
COO of Thorben Consulting

"We went from a million dollars to three million, to making the Inc. 500 list two years in a row, and to growing our business with new verticals."

Suzanne Evans
CEO of Driven, Inc.

"One of the best decisions we ever made! Our brand allows us to move even more rapidly when creating new products and services for our clients.”

Dr. Isaiah Hankel
CEO of Cheeky Scientist

"We went from 100 to 2,000 customers - a whooping 1900% increase after rebranding with Branding For The People."

Justin Berg

"We started working on the brand before we started working on the software. Branding For The People made us think about the why’s and the what’s. Our brand was embedded in the product from day one."

Brooke Fiumara
Co-Founder of OPTX

"We’ve made millions of dollars online since rebranding with Branding For The People! Re Perez and his team changed my life!"

Malorie Tadimi
CEO of Tadimi

"Your branding process helped us do a deep dive into clarifying who we are. Since rebranding, we nearly tripled in size."

Adam Hailstone
CMO of Williamsburg Learning

"Our new brand added an additional 7-figures in revenue. You helped us figure out who we are, who our audiences are, who we are to them."

Brent Weaver

"In just a month after we launched our new brand, we achieved 399% growth. Each month thereafter continues to top our previous month."

Jonathan McCarty
CEO of Odyssey Test Prep

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