Website Peace of Mind.

Just like cars and trucks, websites require maintenance. Tune-ups. Replacement parts. Often, this simple chore is neglected, becoming a much bigger problem after things start breaking down.

Here’s why.

Websites are not static and permanent. The internet and the entire digital world is constantly being updated, impacting everything else that connects to it. As a result, every website requires maintenance, back-ups, and general due-diligence. Otherwise, they are exposed to a variety of issues, including:

  • Increased possibility of hacking;
  • Slower, less-predictable load speeds;
  • Functionality bugs;
  • Reduced search-engine rankings.

The reality.

At some point, your website will need a mechanic. Parts will stop working. It will break down. Things won’t look right. Fortunately, just like car maintenance, this is easily avoided … and Branding For The People can help! Let us worry about the stress and aggravation of updating the technical details of your website so that it runs smoothly.

Why not just simply fix the website when it breaks? Because once something stops working, it takes more time to troubleshoot and identify the problem than if we’ve been involved all along. It’s preventative, which means less downtime so that your website can get back to generating sales!

How does it work?


  • Analysis meeting with our Director of Digital Development to discuss your current hosting and maintenance solution (if any) and the transition process


Back up
  • Daily backup for the last 30 days (for non-hosting; if your current hosting provider has an adequate backup solution, rather than duplicate it we will only monitor this service)
  • WordPress core updates (daily, larger updates roll-out over two weeks)
  • Complimentary site rollbacks


  • Hosting (managed by a trusted 3rd party vendor)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN – Redundant Hosts) – improves website load time (only available with managed hosting)
  • Website hosting and maintenance support on any issues that come up as outlined above


Updates and monitoring

Uptime monitoring every five (5) Minutes (for maintenance clients ONLY, hosting clients have a different monitoring solution)

  • Weekly WordPress Plugin updates
  • WordPress Theme updates (when necessary)


Tech support (8am EST to 5pm EST)


After hours tech support (5pm EST to 8am EST)


What’s peace of mind worth to you? What’s it worth for your website? Your sales? Stay on track and keep your online presence solid, consistent, and unbroken.

Option A


Per Month

billed on the 1st of each month

Option B


Annual Subscription

Pay-in-full and save 6%