Create an iconic brand like the Fortune 500 companies.

Clarifying your message is the most powerful way to authentically growing your business and brand.

Whether you’re a funded start-up, emerging entrepreneur, or established small business, the game-changer for taking your brand to the next level is having a clearly defined Brand Message. It’s why we created the Branding Intensive.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re ashamed or embarrassed of your current branding, website or online presence.
  • Your message is undefined, confusing or lacking differentiation.
  • You’re losing business to competitors, even though your products or services are better.

Let’s redefine brand “success”.

This may be a hard conversation for some of you. Why? Because many marketing agencies and experts have taught you to believe that a “successful” brand is defined in terms of likes, followers … or even money.

The success of your brand has nothing to do with likes, clicks, followers or how much money you make. They may make you feel good but truthfully, whether you’re building a legacy business or scaling a business to sell, they don’t truly matter in the long run.

Don’t misunderstand us. You need marketing. You need the strategies and tactics to build an audience and acquire leads. And, you need to make sales if you want to be in business.

We believe while marketing helps you
eat, branding helps you sleep.

Why have a Brand Strategy?

You have a Business Strategy. You have a Marketing Strategy. But what sits in between both is your Brand Strategy. Skipping ahead to Marketing Strategy without having Brand Strategy is the mistake most entrepreneurs and small business owners make.

So, if you’re committed to building a brand, the real question is: Why would you NOT have a Brand Strategy?

A Brand Strategy helps you:

  • Align you and your team behind a singular Vision.
  • Brief your designers on how to effectively craft your Visual Identity.
  • Write marketing copy that resonates with your target audiences.
  • Build a lead-generating, conversion-oriented website.
  • Implement more effective marketing campaigns and tactics.
  • Enable your sales team to close deals faster and effortlessly.

It’s why we created the Branding Intensive.

What exactly is the Branding Intensive?

We created the Branding Intensive based on the simple understanding that there’s a difference between reading a book or taking a course on branding, and experiencing the branding process for yourself alongside a trained branding professional.

One of our biggest challenges (and frustrations) is there are way too many people who know that branding is important, but they always seem to put it on the back burner to all other business-building activities. Why? We ask ourselves this question all the time.

It’s easy to rationalize holding off on creating a Brand Strategy. We have seen time and time again. Businesses stay locked in the mindset they don’t need it yet, or they don’t need help from someone on the outside.

And yet we know from experience that even the best companies in the world have a hard time seeing themselves from the outside.

Trying to rebrand yourself will ultimately take you longer. You’re bound to do some guess work. You’re signing up for constantly testing and re-testing. All while having a lingering doubt of whether or not you’re positioning your brand in the best possible way.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

We want you to get it right the first time.

The Branding Intensive is a strategic, collaborative and immersive experience with the singular goal of creating your Brand Strategy.

With 25+ years of experience across 100+ different industries, from Fortune 500 brands, Inc. 5000 companies, and thousands of B2B and B2C brands, we guide you through the entire process.

Our clients have credited us for helping them:

  • Increase their revenues and profits.
  • Become market leaders in their industry.
  • Achieve Inc. 500/5000 fastest growing status.
  • Increase their fees or charge full value for their products.
  • Expand into new verticals or enter into new markets.
  • Attract employees, affiliates, and strategic partners.
  • And even re-inspire or transform their company culture.

Who is the Branding Intensive for?

Uncovering your Brand Strategy takes work, both on our part and more importantly, on yours. It’s not for people who are looking for a magic pill.

The Branding Intensive is for people who:

  • Have an exciting, innovative or purpose-driven business.
  • Operate with integrity and a high degree of ethics.
  • Have both emotional and business maturity.
  • Are action-oriented and decisive.
  • Have a sense of humor.
  • Have high-standards, but are also reasonable and flexible.
  • Collaborative, respectful, responsive, and easy to work with.
  • Open-minded and growth-oriented.
  • Value design and aesthetics.
  • Will appreciate our team’s time, experience and talents.

What do you get?

The short answer: we build a 20-25 page Brand Strategy document that outlines all the layers of your brand. Specifically, we will help you:


Map your target audiences.

Through an in-depth process, we will help you define, articulate and map your target audiences, from both a demographic and psychographic perspective. This step is foundational to the entire branding process.


Write your Brand Purpose statement.

We will collaborate with you to write your Brand Purpose statement, a core strategic statement that provides a beacon of light for the direction your company and employees.


Identify your Brand Archetype.

Rather than competing on price, we recommend competing on personality. Brand Archetypes are used as a heuristic to infuse personality into your brand and differentiate you in the marketplace.


Create your Brand Architecture.

Avoid having a fragmented and disorganized set of offerings. We will create your Brand Architecture to help you organize your offerings and define how to brand (or not brand) them from either a verbal or visual perspective. 


Conduct a Competitive Review.

Depending on your appetite to understand your competitors positioning, we will evaluate three to five of your key competitors. This process involves desk research and evaluation of the competitive landscape. 


Articulate your Brand Positioning.

Brand Positioning is the space in which you occupy (or intend to occupy) in your target audiences’ minds. We will create you Brand Positioning to help you clearly articulate what distinguishes you from your competitors. 


Develop your Brand Platform.

Your Brand Platform is one of the core deliverables of a Brand Strategy. Some of the components includes the guiding principles of behavior, personality characteristics, and value propositions of your brand.


Articulate your Brand Promise.

We will simplify your brand into a core Brand Promise, a three to five word concept that defines the higher-order, ultimate benefit that your customers or clients will receive when they buy your products or services.


Define your Brand Voice.

Brand Voice determines the sound of your brand as expressed in verbal language. It’s increasingly becoming more useful for the marketing and copywriting team to verbalize the tone and manner of your copy or content.


Develop a Messaging Matrix.

We will develop a company-wide and segmented Messaging Matrix — a tool that your sales and marketing team can use to increase sales conversions and develop high-converting, on-brand messages in marketing.


Write your Creative Brief.

From creative criteria, color considerations, and stylistic preferences, we will help you write your Creative Brief to translate your brand into design terms so that a brand designer can use to create your Visual Identity. 


Plan your Brand Implementation.

We collaborate with you and your team to develop a Brand Implementation Plan, so that you can prioritize all brand-building activities, events and resources, along three key phases: Pre-launch, Launch, and Post-launch.

Your Facilitator.

Re Perez is the CEO, founder and Chief Brand Strategist of Branding For The People, an award-winning branding agency utilizes the diverse expertise in Fortune 500-level branding strategies, forward-thinking design, and conversion-oriented marketing best practices to create authentic, disruptive and profitable brands. With a proven track record advising 100+ different industries and professions, from high-growth entrepreneurs to expanding small-to-midsize businesses, his clients often credit him for doubling, tripling or quadrupling their business or impact, and in the process, transforming their approach to how they run their business and life.

Prior to starting his own agency, Re’s storied career includes senior-level positions at top global branding firms, including Interbrand and Siegel+Gale, where he gained invaluable experience consulting to multinational and Fortune 500 brands including: AREVA, Abbott Nutrition, Amersham Biosciences, GE Money, Lilly, Nalco, Novo Nordisk, Nielsen Company, TD Ameritrade, and Xerox.

In addition, as a sought-after keynote speaker, Re electrifies every audience and brings forward-thinking insights, actionable content, and practical tips for every entrepreneur, small business owner and marketing team. His speaking portfolio includes major entrepreneurial conferences including: Amazing’s SellerCon, Baby Bathwater, EO’s Global Leadership Conference, Digital Marketer’s Traffic & Conversion Summit, Infusionsoft’s ICON and PartnerCon, Ontraport’s Ontrapalooza, Social Media Week ATX, and Cole Hatter’s Thrive: Make Money Matter (to name a few). He has been interviewed on several Podcasts and is a faculty teacher for the Growth Institute.

Re has lived in Florida, New York City, Dubai, and San Diego. He currently resides in Austin, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Will I get a logo in this process?

If there’s one thing you should know about branding, it’s that your logo is not your brand. While logos are an important and symbolic part of your brand, we need to first define the brand before we can even think about creating a logo, selecting colors, writing copy, or even building a website.

What exactly do I get?

The short answer: you get a 30+ page document that defines the various layers of your brand, also known as your BRAND PLATFORM. This contains the foundation and strategic tenets of your brand. For most entrepreneurs, it’s the missing piece of the branding puzzle. It’s the most important part of building a brand, and yet, it’s also the most overlooked. See below to review all the modules covered in the process.

How do I know if I am ready?
The truth of the matter is that there’s no better time than today to work on your branding. The first questions we ask are “WHAT is the branding problem that you’re trying to solve?” and “WHY are you interested in going through the branding process now?” If you’re not 100% clear on why you want to be an entrepreneur or business owner, then it’s probably not the right time to even think about branding.


Video Testimonials.

Our Branding Intensive is a proven process that has worked for hundreds of clients and is 100% guaranteed. If you show up and are prepared to give 100%, and take part in every exercise, challenge and opportunity, and you are still not satisfied by the end of the Branding Intensive, we will happily refund your investment (but nobody’s ever asked).

Before We Say Goodbye.

Thank you for visiting this page. If you’re like many of our clients, you know that your brand is an investment. You understand that the work you put in now will pay off in the long-run and over time. Please note that we DO NOT accept every business as a client. Should we choose to work together, you will have access to our senior team of strategists, designers and marketers who will partner with you to help you achieve your growth goals.

If you’re ready to create your Brand Strategy, then schedule a call with our team today and apply for consideration.