Is Your Brand Forgettable?.

You Get 15 Seconds To Make A Lasting Impression.

Branding Makes Those 15 Seconds Count.

Some Of Our Unforgettable Clients

We’ve made millions of dollars online since rebranding with Branding For The People! Re Perez and his team changed my life!

Malorie Tadimi

CEO of Malorie

We went from 100 to 2,000 customers — a whopping 1900% increase after rebranding with Branding For The People.

Justin Berg

CEO Purple Care

Our new brand added an additional 7-figures in revenue. The Branding Intensive helped us figure out who we are, who our audiences are, who we are to them

Brent Weaver


We landed a $1mil contract since branding with Branding For The People. But the biggest takeaway is the foundation to grow to the next level.

Chris Koomey

COO of Thorben

In just a month after we launched our new brand, we achieved 399% growth. Each month thereafter continues to top our previous month.

Jonathan McCarty

CEO of Odyssey Test Prep

The Branding Intensive helped us do a deep dive into clarifying who we are. Since rebranding, we nearly tripled in size.

Adam Hailstone

CMO of Williamsburg Learning

If your prospects are confused about what you do…
If your marketing efforts aren’t converting…
If you’re losing business to your competitors…

You Don’t Have A Business Problem You Have A Branding Problem.

How Do You Know If You Have a Branding Problem?

Your message is confusing.

You have the best company, product or service, but your messaging isn’t resonating with your target customers.

You’ve been pigeonholed.

You're losing opportunities because your customers don't know the full scope of what you do and the value you can deliver.

You're competing on price.

You find yourself lowering your fees just to win business, instead of competing on value that typically commands premium pricing.

You look outdated.

Your customers view you as a dinosaur in your industry, because you give off the impression that you're not relevant or up-to-date.

Your marketing doesn't convert.

You’re wasting unnecessary time, money and energy on your marketing efforts just to acquire a customer.

We needed to rebrand in order to be unique and different. Our business has been done for a long time. How do we say we mow grass differently than everyone else? It’s just grass! So we wanted to create a different image. When people question you about changing your name or your brand, you get the opportunity to tell your story, to resell your customers.

Justin Berg

CEO of Purple Care

The Solution To Your Branding Problems
… Be Unforgettable.

When you have an unforgettable brand, you’re engaging with people on a subconscious level. Why is this important?

95% of all purchasing decisions are made in the subconscious.

Most businesses put the pressure on their logo or tagline to communicate everything about their brand.

Your logo or tagline is really just scratching the surface of creating a memorable brand. You need to connect with your customers on an emotional level. Emotions, such as empathy, hope, pride, excitement, gratitude, and love, are powerful ways to connect with your customers. When you create an unforgettable brand, you cut through the clutter of information noise.

Branding Is A Deeper Process Than Just Getting A Logo.

If you think your logo and colors on your website are the sum total of your brand, you’re missing about 95% of what makes your brand unforgettable.

Branding is the process of ethically and authentically creating, shaping, and influencing a desired perception in the minds of your target customer. That is how you become unforgettable.

Re Perez and Branding For The People helped us take a big leap forward in our branding and messaging. With in depth analysis, Branding Intensive meeting was a lot of soul searching. We were able to see the places where our branding worked and where it needed an upgrade!

Marc David & Emily Rosen

Institute For The Psychology Of Eating

When your brand is unforgettable, you not only make more money, but you are in a position to make a lot more impact!

The Branding Intensive was exactly what we needed. It gave us the time, tools and feedback necessary to go deeper and identify our unique position in the marketplace. The Branding Intensive is nothing short of genius, especially with the hands on guidance of the Branding For The People team every step of the way.

Courtney Leonis

Progressive Surgical Solutions

Introducing The Branding Intensive.

If it’s clear at this point that your brand is forgettable, and that you’re losing opportunities because your customers don’t automatically think of you first, you’re in the right place.

Because you can change all that.

It’s why we created the Branding Intensive.

When you participate in our Branding Intensive process, you are working with the very best in the branding industry. Our team has over 27+ years of experience across 100+ different industries, including Fortune 500 brands, Inc. 5000 companies, and thousands of B2B and B2C brands. We’ve helped funded start-ups, emerging small businesses and market-leading midsize companies take their brand to an entire new level. And, it all started with our signature and comprehensive, Branding Intensive.

The Path To Memorability:
The “5 Ps Of Branding.”

The key to having an unforgettable brand is having a clear strategy. In the Branding Intensive, we create your Brand Strategy, which is comprised of the “5 Ps of Branding”: Purpose, Product, Positioning, Promise, and Personality.


Your Brand Purpose is associated with your identity as a company. It describes the aspirational values by which you live life and do business every day. It answers the question, “Why does this brand exist?” When your brand purpose describes who you are and why you do what you do, it inspires your customer to connect with you. Because they resonate with you, more of your ideal clients come looking for you.


Your Brand Positioning is the space you occupy (or intend to occupy) in the minds of your target customer. You can find your best brand position by identifying two critical components of your market that can be plotted on a chart. When you plot this out on a chart and insert your competitors, you’ll be able to identify a market that is not being fully served yet. That’s the open hole in your market!


Your Brand Promise is the ultimate benefit your customers receive when they buy your products or services. First, look within your company to make sure your promise is credible. Next, look at your customers and make sure your promise is relevant to them. Finally, look at your competitors to make sure your brand is unique compared to everyone else. When you can nail all three components, you have a powerful Brand Promise!


Your product or service must be unique, easily recognizable, and distinct from everyone else’s in the market. It must be relevant to solving a core problem from which your target customer suffers. Its features benefit your customer, and it makes a difference in their lives. Communicate its purpose with an authentic name that evokes emotion, is easy to remember, and tells a story.


When your customer makes a purchase, they do so based primarily on an emotional connection with your brand personality. Is your brand funny? Nurturing? Adventurous? Rebellious? How does your customer perceive your brand personality? Your brand personality can become a key differentiator between you and your competition.

We had an idea for the name and story of the company, but we had no identity. We needed to combine all the components to create a true brand. We started working on the brand before we started working on the software. Branding For The People made us think about the why’s, and the what’s. The emotional branding components were embedded in the product from day one.

Brooke Fiumara

Co-founder of OPTX

Why You Need The Branding Intensive

When you participate in our signature Branding Intensive we will take everything you know to be true about your brand….and we will help you explore new thoughts, fold in some new insights, advance new thinking and build bold consensus.

Your brand will become instantly more interesting, more memorable to the masses and more necessary to the target customer. Your new branding will reintroduce your brand and quickly make the competition seem dated and less relevant.

Sit back. You are working with the very best in the branding industry. Beyond the 27+ years of experience and the 100 different industries, we are artisans in creating memorability, relevance and juiced up desire through branding. Just ask the Fortune 500s, the thousands of brands and the B2-everything businesses we have helped.

Our reason to be is to bring this high-level branding expertise to small and midsize companies who have the stuff…but continue to struggle to stand out.

In our signature Branding Intensive experience, we help you manifest a more powerful and profitable brand. We walk you through, stretch your mind and present new insights that can change your situation in the market.

It’s game changing. And you deserve it…

Jeff Cayley Testimonial
The Branding Intensive was intense, constructive, challenging, and fun. It was way more than what I was expecting. The takeaways are huge and I was impressed with how specific the Branding Intensive helped us get clear on our Brand Positioning, Archetypes, Messaging, Brand Vision, and the language we need to use for our brand. The deliverables serve as our guiding light going forward in our business.

Jeff Cayley
CEO of Worldwide Cyclery and KETL Mountain

What’s Included In Your Branding Intensive?

You will work with our team over several meetings in a strategic, collaborative, and immersive experience. From the 5 Ps you will be able to develop :

  • A deep dive into understanding your target customers
  • Your unique Brand Voice to help your marketing copy be more effective
  • Your Brand Archetype that brings out your unique personality
  • Your Messaging Platform to drive sales and marketing conversions
  • Your Brand Architecture that streamlines and organizes your offerings in a cohesive manner
  • An elaborate Creative Brief for your design team to create a stunning Visual Identity
  • Your unique Brand Positioning after a meticulous review of your competition
  • A Brand Implementation Plan to prioritize all brand-building activities in three key phases: Pre-launch, Launch, and Post-Launch
  • Your Brand Platform that clarifies your company culture and unique value proposition

Dominate Your Market With Our Branding Intensive

When you work with our team you will finally understand what a brand is, know why it’s so important, and be amazed that no one ever told you this before!

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one in your market who doesn’t understand branding. But you could be the first in your market to implement a strategy for your brand.

Imagine having a brand that brings you even just a couple of the benefits our clients have experienced as a result of working with us:

  • Increase their revenues and profits, like Thorben who landed a $1M contract after rebranding
  • Increase their close rate effortlessly, like Jasmine Sky Designs whose close rate jumped from 33% to 99%
  • Become market leaders in their industry, like Purple Care, increasing their clients by 1900% and expanding into new related service offerings
  • Expand into new verticals or enter into new markets, like UGURUS, who added an additional 7 figures after rebranding
  • Achieve Inc. 500-5000 fastest growing status, like Suzanne Evans who went from $1M to $3M and made the Inc. 500 list two years in a row.
  • Attract employees, affiliates, and strategic partners, like OPTX, when they approached us with nothing but a name they weren’t sure about
  • Increase their fees or charge full value for their products, such as Nick Unsworth of Life on Fire.
  • And even re-inspire or transform their company culture, like Debi and Dr. Rob did, allowing their company to break away from their overcrowded marketplace
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What Does Being Forgettable Cost You Everyday?

When you know you have a branding problem it doesn’t make sense to wait.

Yes, it can be challenging and expensive to brand or rebrand. But it’s far less challenging and expensive than continuing on with the same mistakes, bootstrapping where you can, and going to market with a brand that just isn’t working for you right now.

The first step to truly building a brand starts with our Branding Intensive.

Regarding the investment….Yes, it’s not cheap.

And, it’s also appropriately priced for the value it delivers.

If you think about it, you’re going to pay for it no matter. 

Do it alone, and you pay with your own time, missteps and failures. Hire us and save yourself from costly mistakes that can delay the success of your brand. 

This is it. What would you like to do?

Are you ready to be an unforgettable brand?

Be Unforgettable.

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