If You Want To Outperform Your Competition, You Need
A World-Class Brand

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If Your Business Isn’t Accelerating,
You Don’t Have a Sales Problem, You
Have A Branding Problem.

Your Brand Doesn’t Stand Out Enough In The Marketplace.

Is your business competing in a crowded (or saturated) marketplace? Product or service differentiation is a critical factor in convincing potential clients or customers to buy from your brand over your competitors. Would you rather blend in OR stand out?

Your Brand Doesn’t Resonate With Your Target Audiences

Are you doing all the “right” marketing activities, but you’re not converting leads as well as you’d like to? Maybe your message is not compelling enough. Maybe, your value proposition isn’t clear. Branding helps you resonate with your ideal clients or customers in unimaginable ways.

Your Brand No Longer Aligns With Your Business.

You achieved business success, but your current brand is inconsistent or fragmented. Or, you recognize that your branding needs a transformation in order to align with where you’re heading as a business, whether it’s reaching 7-figures, multi 7-figures, or even 8-figures in annual revenue.
Justin Berg
“We needed to rebrand in order to be unique and different. Our business has been done for a long time. How do we say we mow grass differently than everyone else? It’s just grass! So we wanted to create a different image. When people question you about changing your name or your brand, you get the opportunity to tell your story, to resell your customers.”

Justin Berg
CEO of Purple Care

The Solution To Your Branding Problems

A Branding Game Plan

who is this game plan for?

We’re Branding For the People. Our Senior Executive team combines 60+ years of experience
from top global brand consultancies and New York City advertising agencies. We work with three
types of businesses in different growth stages to build a world-class brand.


You’re a funded start-up with capital to invest in branding. You’ve built, scaled, and sold businesses in the past, and you understand the value of building a brand at the onset of your business.

Small Businesses

You’re generating $500k to $20mil in annual revenue. While you’ve achieved traction in the marketplace, your brand is preventing you from reaching that next level of business growth.

Midsize Companies

Your company is generating $20mil to $200mil in annual revenue. You’re looking to scale your brand, but need a scalable turnkey solution with dedicated, outsourced resources to manage all branding and marketing initiatives.

what’s included in your game plan call?

Not all businesses and brands are the same. With over 25 years of working with B2B, B2C, and Personal Brands, we believe you need a true branding professional to ask you the right questions to customize a game plan to create a world-class brand. In our Branding Game Plan call, a senior member of our team will:



We Will Analyze Your Business Model, Growth Trajectory, and Growth Opportunities.

Analyze Opportunities



We will Clarify Your Vision For Your Brand and Identify the Factors Impacting Your brand.

Clarify A Vision



We Will Develop A Game Plan To Accelerate Your Business With Branding.

Develop Game Plan

Success From Some Of Our Private Clients

Malorie Adimi
We’ve made millions of dollars online since rebranding with Branding For The People! Re Perez and his team changed my life!

Malorie Tadimi
CEO of Malorie

Justin Berg Purple care
We went from 100 to 2,000 customers — a whopping 1900% increase after rebranding with Branding For The People.

Justin Berg
CEO of Purple Care

Brent Weaver Ugurus
Our new brand added an additional 7-figures in revenue. The Branding process helped us figure out who we are, who our audiences are, who we are to them.

Brent Weaver

Chris koomey Thorben
We landed a $1mil contract since branding with Branding For The People. But the biggest takeaway is the foundation to grow to the next level.

Chris Koomey
COO Thorben

Jonathan Mccarty odyssey
In just a month after we launched our new brand, we achieved 399% growth. Each month thereafter continues to top our previous month.

Jonathan McCarty
CEO of Odyssey Test Prep

adam hailstone williamsburg
“Their attention to detail, research, and understanding of our industry and business was incredible. Since rebranding, we’ve nearly tripled in size.”

Adam Hailstone
CMO of Williamsburg Learning

Note: We’ve made every effort to accurately articulate our services and the impact they have on our clients’ business. The testimonials above represent extraordinary results. However, your results may vary, as there are many factors involved, such as your professional background, level of commitment, industry trends, business model, operational structure, marketing budget and activities, the quality of your products and services, and customer satisfaction or retention programs you may or may not have. As with any business, an inherent risk exists, and there is no guarantee that you will achieve the same results as our prior clientele.

How the game
plan call works

  • Pick a Date and Time
  • Book Your Game Plan Call
  • Scale Your Business
Brooke Fiumara
“We had an idea for the name and story of the company, but we had no identity. We needed to combine all the components to create a true brand. We started working on the brand before we started working on the software. Branding For The People made us think about the why’s and the what’s. The emotional branding components were embedded in the product from day one.”

Brooke Fiumara
Co-founder of OPTX

You Are One Step Away From Building a
World-Class Brand.

About branding for the people

Since 2011, we’ve applied the art and science of branding to hundreds of small-to-midsize businesses worldwide, enabling our clients to disrupt marketplaces, elevate their impact, and achieve extraordinary business success. While creating award-winning work makes us (and our clients) happy, we’ve come to embrace the idea that making money and making a difference does not need to be mutually exclusive. It’s why we choose to work with brands striving to be a force for positive change.

Re Perez
Re Perez,CEO and Founder

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