Success Stories
From The People.


Greg Hickman of Sytem.Ly came to our agency wanting to change his company name. After talking with Greg, we agreed he should go through our Branding Intensive first — and then he would have the confidence in which direction to go with his name. The Branding Intensive gave his team a choreography of how to talk about his brand. As a “systems guy” himself, he geeked out on all the various branding frameworks and tools we used to help him get clear on his brand.

Debra Berndt Maldonado

Meet Debra Berndt Maldonado of Creative Mind. She and her husband, a Psychologist, developed a powerful system that trains people as coaches in a Jungian coaching model, which lends itself to a deeper way to coach others.
While their business and logo has evolved since we worked together nearly 7 years ago, Debra STILL uses the same Brand Idea and Messaging created in the Branding Intensive process. In this video, Debra shares her experience rebranding.

Changing Habits

Meet Nathan Bailey and Karen Passingham of Changing Habits in Australia, who are literally changing people’s eating habits. Big on partnerships and family, they felt our team was a good fit for their company to help them go through a complete rebrand to include a Branding Intensive, new Brand Identity, UI/UX Strategy, Website Design, and ongoing design and copywriting services. As a result, their new brand even won GDUSA’s brand and product packaging design award in the Health and Wellness category.


“We started working on the brand before we started working on the software development. The brand helped us get clarity on what we stand for and what we want our customers to feel and experience when they engage with our product. This allowed us to embed all the emotional aspects into our brand experience from day one. It allowed us to create consistency from the get-go without feeling like a brand idea was tacked on at the end”

KETL Mountain

Jeff Cayley, CEO of Worldwide Cyclery and KETL Mountain, says the Branding Intensive was intense, constructive, challenging, and fun. According to Jeff, it was way more than what he was expecting. He was impressed with how specific the Branding Intensive was in helping him get clear on his company’s Brand Positioning, Archetypes, Messaging, and Brand Vision. The deliverables now serve as our guiding light going forward in our business

Aashna Living

Stephanie J O’Brien, a veteran in the real estate industry, ran a #1 real estate development team in Brooklyn for 15 years and generated over $800M in sales. She went through our signature Branding Intensive process to create a Brand, Message, Verbal Identity for her new business — Aashna Living — a brand that provides affordable, high-quality, healthy homes for the general population (in good locations where people wanted to live).

Bendt Distilling

“The Branding For The People team opened our eyes to what was possible for a Whiskey company such as ours. We look at our colors and our branding and just love it. Investing in branding was absolutely worth it. When you’re looking at your business plan, if you have the allocation for sales and materials, find room for branding because it makes all the difference in the world and helps fund your other buckets.”

Williamsburg Learning

Williamsburg Learning is a private, online learning academy that teaches middle and high school students the skills they need to succeed in today’s world. Five years into business, CMO Adam Hailstone wanted to change up his brand and stand out from the crowd. Watch Adam’s interview as he details his experience with Branding For The People and how his business has grown since his rebrand.


Raj Jana is an investor, show host, and serial entrepreneur. He came to our agency because he wanted a clear vision and way to explain his JavaPresse brand to other people in a way that was easily communicated. He wanted a consistent story that could spread across multiple platforms. Raj goes through our Branding Intensive and learns there are so many more layers to building a brand — from customer avatars, Brand Promise, Brand Values. His branding investment continues to help him in all of his business ventures for the rest of his life.


“It’s hard to see your own great qualities when you’re in your system, which is why we know we couldn’t do it on our own. Getting clear on our strategy and thought process before the creative work was essential. The strategic process was probably the most valuable to think about who we are, who our audience is, and, most importantly, who we are to our audience.

You guys are a premium provider, and I’m glad we invested because if we had gone with someone who simply gave us an updated logo, it would’ve solved the problem of the moment but wouldn’t create something we could continue to leverage over the long run.”

Malorie Tadimi

“I have a brand that I’m proud of—it actually feels like me.”

I went to BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE for a complete transformation, and WOW, I got it! It’s a complete 180, and I’ve returned my investment 20 times over. I went from selling consulting services for $37/hour to a consistent $116k/month in revenue. I have a brand that I’m proud of—it actually feels like me. I’m not just another consultant, and that’s obvious immediately. I’m thriving, my social following is growing, and my business has never been better.

The MENtour

Meet Juvan Langford, former athlete and model, and founder of The MENtour, a multinational charitable organization that exists to educate, equip and empower men and leaders in the men’s health and wellness space. Juvan came to us as he was going through an expansion in his business from the U.S. to Australia. Wrestling with building a Personal Brand or Business Brand, he went through our Branding Intensive process to help guide his decisions amidst his growth.


“I loved the intensity of it — the drilling down on who are you, what do you stand for, what you want said about you when you leave the room. But, at the same time, branding can be frustrating because you think you know who you are, but when you go through the branding process, you realize that’s who you thought you needed to be, not necessarily who you are. And, that uncovering of who you are is where that perception and essence is created and where that opportunity takes place.

A brand is like a scent — it lingers long after the bacon has been eaten. And so it stays. Your team does this fascinating and incredible, and intense experience of finding out how to get to the legacy place because that’s where things linger. Thankfully we had you to guide us through this process.”

Family C

“Your team has the ability to take our unconscious, our deepest motives, our deeper story and narrative that we sense, but don’t know how to put a finger on, and name them in a way that our market will understand. Branding gives us a way for potential customers to get the feelings when they interact with you — before they interact with you.”

Purple Care

“We needed to rebrand in order to be unique and different. Our business has been done for a long time. How do we say we mow grass differently than everyone else? It’s just grass! So we wanted to create a different image. When people question you about changing your name or your brand, you get the opportunity to tell your story, to resell your customers. Branding For The People helped us do exactly that.”

Creative Mind

Meet Debra Berndt Maldonado of Creative Mind. She and her husband, a Psychologist, developed a powerful system that trains people as coaches in a Jungian coaching model, which lends itself to a deeper way to coach others.
While their business and logo has evolved since we worked together nearly 7 years ago, Debra STILL uses the same Brand Idea and Messaging created in the Branding Intensive process. In this video, Debra shares her experience rebranding.

Summit Sales

Meet Anthony Hall of Summit Sales who shares his journey going through our Branding Intensive process to help establish his message and purpose — something just about every entrepreneur says they want (but very few actually dive in, make the commitment, and do the work to get clear on their message and purpose).

Odyssey Test Preparation, LLC

“The whole process really gave me a renewed drive and re-motivated me with a lot of enthusiasm that has helped push the business forward. As a result, we are attracting highly motivated, highly intelligent, and really amazing students who will go into law and do some amazing things.

Many agencies we looked at all seemed to blur together, with the exception of Branding For The People. I think that if you want to get clarity on what your company is, what your business is, how you want to speak to your customers and adapt that into an experience for your customers — you really need to get some branding work done.”


“A lot of branding folks talk just about storytelling or pretty pictures. It was much more about getting our soul into the business and projected out. I don’t think most companies have that perspective, which made Branding For The People stand out to us. Shortly after working together, we landed a $1M contract. But the real value was creating the foundation to grow to the next level.”

Esencia Concierge Services

Esencia Concierge Services is a luxury concierge service staffed with a devoted team of lifestyle managers focused on enhancing their members’ day-to-day lives while affording them more of today’s biggest luxury: time. After working with Branding For The People on their rebrand, Esencia Concierge Services is now a lucrative 7-figure business. Their enthusiasm is contagious – we invite you to watch their video and see what their excitement is all about!


Several years ago, we had the opportunity to work with Craig Handley and Tony Ricciardi to rebrand Listenup Espanol to ListenTrust. It was a complete rebrand which included a new company name, Brand Strategy, Messaging, Positioning, Visual Identity and Brand Story video. The rebrand helped him not only successfully grow his business in America, but use the brand to inform and transform the culture of ListenTrust.


Founder Laura Sutherly came to Branding For The People with an express desire to evolve her company, Correspond In A Click, into a brand that matched their shifting focus from general marketing to providing support for companies in the agriculture industry. Through the branding process, the company adopted the new business name of Agtivation. They also reported an increase in confidence in what their company stands for, resulting in their ability to become more selective in the clients they work with. Watch her interview to hear more about her experience.