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Success Stories
From The People.

Purple Care

With a name that they’d outgrown and was now limiting their exposure and client base, Purple Care owner and president, Justin Berg, set out to redefine his nature-connecting company. He came to Branding For The People with a goal of introducing his expanded business to the market. Watch Justin’s story to find out just how much his company has grown since rebranding with BFTP.


OPTX is an enterprise software solution aimed at enhancing businesses in the gaming and hospitality industry. When the startup hired Branding For The People, OPTX brought only a name and a goal of bringing awareness to their product and brand to the table. BFTP has helped them do both. Check out their story and find out where they are today.


Thorben is a high-end technology consulting firm specializing in ERP and Cloud systems that set out to provide more personable IT services. COO Chris Koomey reached out to Branding For The People to help turn the brand into one that would accurately exude who the company was. Within two months of launching the rebrand, Thorben landed a $1 million contract. Watch his interview to hear his experience.

Odyssey Test Preparation, LLC

Odyssey Test Prep is a leader in LSAT test preparation, successfully helping law students gain admission to law school. Not seeing the business growth he had hoped for, CEO and founder Jonathan McCarty reached out to Branding For The People for help. In the year following the launch of his rebrand, his revenue tripled. Watch as Jonathan describes his decision to rebrand with BFTP and what results he’s seen so far.


UGURUS is an online academy for digital marketers and web professionals. Wanting to scale the business, CEO and Chief Guru, Brent Weaver, clearly define their message for their target audience. Brent sought out the expertise of Branding For The People and, following the launch of his rebrand, Brent was able to create additional programs that added to the revenue of his 7-figure business. Watch Brent’s story to find out what his business looks like today.

Bendt Distilling

Ready to change the name, face, and feel of their company, Ryan and Natasha DeHart hired Branding For The People to help them transition to their new brand, BENDT Distilling Co. In addition to modernizing the look and feel, BFTP helped BENDT develop its brand personality, attracting a new customer base while developing a core audience. Watch their interview to learn more about their experience with Branding For The People.

Williamsburg Learning

Williamsburg Learning is a private, online learning academy that teaches middle and high school students the skills they need to succeed in today’s world. Five years into business, CMO Adam Hailstone wanted to change up his brand and stand out from the crowd. Watch Adam’s interview as he details his experience with Branding For The People and how his business has grown since his rebrand.

Esencia Concierge Services

Esencia Concierge Services is a luxury concierge service staffed with a devoted team of lifestyle managers focused on enhancing their members’ day-to-day lives while affording them more of today’s biggest luxury: time. After working with Branding For The People on their rebrand, Esencia Concierge Services is now a lucrative 7-figure business. Their enthusiasm is contagious – we invite you to watch their video and see what their excitement is all about!