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Experiential Marketing: What Is It?

“Experiential Marketing”, also called Engagement Marketing, is a strategy that encourages active engagement from the consumer. It’s not a new concept, it’s become larger and more creative over the years, thanks especially to Instagram.  We’ll explain the idea behind it and three examples. How does experiential marketing work? Modern customers have become more savvy or […]

Audience Engagement: Creating Love & Loyalty

Audience engagement isn’t an exact science. We talked about target audience last week — why it’s important, how to do it, and a little about our own. But now that you know who they are, let’s talk about how to keep your audience engaged. Be human. Above all else, people hate feeling like they’re talking […]

Defining Your Target Audience

Target Audience is a well-worn concept and a commonly cited reason for a rebrand. It’s also the foundation for your brand to create its position, which helps guide decision-making going forward. Why Is Defining Your Target Audience Important? How could it not be? Your target audience is central to everything you do, say, and create. You have to […]

Articulating Our Brand Values

With a rebrand comes a reimagining of Brand Values. Along with Brand Promise, Brand Attributes, Brand Voice, Value Propositions, and other characteristics, your organization’s values guide how your brand behaves, the goals it sets, and how you work. What Are Brand Values? Basically, Brand Values are guiding principles of behavior that deliver on your brand.  You’ll […]

Our New Brand Promise: Simplify + Elevate

It’s time: our new Brand Promise is Simplify + Elevate. Our goal starting in 2019 is to make a transformational impact on brands — not inch forward. We are evolving away from fragmentation and toward unified, cohesive imagery, words, and messaging. Here, we’ll give you a bit of insight into what a Brand Promise actually is, what […]

Best of 2018 Wrap-Up: Our Favorite Posts

We saw a lot of change in 2018, but there are certain things that stayed consistent. These are the blog posts we feel best represent what’s to come in 2019, either in their simplicity, the values they represent, or in terms of what BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE can offer. Here are our best of 2018. How […]

Rebranding in 2018: 5 To Watch

Lots of big brands decided to undertake rebranding in 2018.  Cultural shifts have made updates to messaging critical. Keeping up with trends, bringing renewed energy, and displaying a forward focus are all reasons brands are rebranding in 2018. There are lots of great examples, but some of the most notable examples of rebranding in 2018 […]

#VoiceFirst: Thinking About Voice Search Optimization

Speech is one of the first skills we learn and one of the last one we lose. A baby’s first word is considered a milestone. “Famous last words” isn’t a saying for nothing–those final words are part of how you’ll be remembered. Spoken language evokes emotions and moves people to action in a way that’s different […]

Editorial Calendar Basics: Organize Your 2019 Content!

You’re busy running a business, but you know you need to put out content with some consistency to keep you engagement up and Google interested. Yet every week, you’re sitting in front of a blank document, feeling equally blank. Head into 2019 prepared with our simple approach to a content calendar. We’ll give you a […]

Mastering Customer Confidence in 4 Steps

Building consumer confidence and your brand’s credibility is essential to the success of your brand. If you’re rebranding, it’s even more critical. Why go through the process only to repeat the same mistakes that shake customer confidence?  Here are four key ways to make every single person that interacts with your brand feel like your […]