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Editorial Calendar Basics: Organize Your 2019 Content!

You’re busy running a business, but you know you need to put out content with some consistency to keep you engagement up and Google interested. Yet every week, you’re sitting in front of a blank document, feeling equally blank. Head into 2019 prepared with our simple approach to a content calendar. We’ll give you a […]

Mastering Customer Confidence in 4 Steps

Building consumer confidence and your brand’s credibility is essential to the success of your brand. If you’re rebranding, it’s even more critical. Why go through the process only to repeat the same mistakes that shake customer confidence?  Here are four key ways to make every single person that interacts with your brand feel like your […]

The Brand Story, Explained

Your brand story isn’t just your history, your CEO’s story, your stats and numbers, anything like that. Any of those things can effectively be part of it, but an actual brand story is much more than a narrative. It’s about inspiring emotion and forming your audience’s beliefs and responses to your brand as a living […]

Five Steps to Perfect Your Lead Magnet

In order to build your email list, you need an effective, compelling lead magnet to bring customers into the fold. But actually sitting down and writing a lead magnet can be more daunting than you expect. What kinds of content will draw in the readers you want, and keep them around? The answer’s easier than […]

Target Audience Mapping: How To Reach the BEST Audience

Going into business, we all have a pretty good idea of who we want to attract and how to speak to them. But equally important is really knowing which customers you DON’T want. Or, more specifically, the customers and customer attributes that are wishy-washy, so-so, unengaged, uninspired, and overall not really part of the base […]

Writing marketing copy for your OWN business

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’ve probably found yourself in the position of writing web and marketing copy for your business. And it can be really hard! So BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE wants to help make it a little easier. Writing for your own business presents a unique challenge in that you […]

Is the latest Uber rebranding enough?

If you follow branding trends, you undoubtedly heard about the most recent Uber rebranding. They’ve replaced 2016’s odd, blue circuit board pattern with a simple, clean font, and in doing so, invited the opinion of every branding professional, designer, and enthusiast. According to Fast Company, one of Wolff Olins’ primary goals was legibility. The old logo […]

Our 7 most popular branding blog posts

Fonts, mood boards, touchpoints, attributes: branding can be a complex process. If you’re new to branding, we’ve put together a list of some of our most popular branding blogs from the recent past to help you on your way. How to make a mood board Mood boards can be elusive. Most people more or less understand what […]