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10 Things to Know About Your Customers

As any successful business owner knows, the most important part of sustained business success is knowing your customers. No business can last long without its owner understanding the customers and what they want. After all, if a customer doesn’t feel appreciated, he or she isn’t going to stick around for long. Taking the current business […]

Personal vs Business Brands

If you’re trying to get your name out there, whether it be to promote your business or your blog, you will need to decide between building a personal brand or a business brand. Both of these choices come with pros and cons, and learning the differences between the two of them might make a world […]

What You Can Learn From MARS Rebranding

When you hear the name MARS Incorporated, you probably think of Skittles, M&Ms, and the other popular candies this company produces. Unless you follow their brand closely, you probably do not consider petcare items like Pedigree or their leading food items, specifically UNCLE BEN’S, which is a billion dollar brand. In an attempt to expand […]

Elevating Our Brand Culture

Brand culture, or company culture, is where a brand “lives” its own values. Basically, what goes on within flows out. Fostering great, on-brand corporate culture is a huge step toward avoiding this problem. That means more than just saying what it is you believe in. It means enacting it every single day. What Is Brand […]

IHoP Tried It (Rebranding, That Is)

Maybe you heard about the IHoP rebrand this past week. Maybe you were one of the people waiting to see what exactly the “b” stood for. Maybe you were one of the people who had a strong opinion when they finally revealed that the “b” was for… burgers. IHoP might have been due for a […]

What is Kanye Doing?

Will Kanye West’s brand survive a dramatic message shift? We’ve talked about branding lessons we can learn from rappers in the past. This seems like the time to talk about messaging and Kanye West’s brand. Specifically, Kanye West’s brand as an example of what can happen on a large scale when your brand goes off-message. […]

Let’s Talk About: Moodboards

Feeling frustrated? We’ll help you avoid some common moodboard pitfalls. We published “How To Make a Moodboard” about a year ago, but it’s such a popular topic, we thought we’d revisit it—this time with some pointers on how to get inspired, and some moodboard pitfalls to avoid. As we discussed, moodboards aren’t intended to be […]